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Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Some use it as just another excuse to shower their loved one with gifts, love and attention. Some, like moi, like to do cards with flowers and keep it pretty low-key. Others believe it's just a fake holiday brought to you by good old retail and avoid it all together! There’s really no right or wrong way to celebrate, you gotta just do whatever feels good. Valentine's for me has also been a good reason to find time in our busy lives to pause and say, hey I love you and I appreciate you for all that you are. Not everyone is good at taking the time to do this daily, so putting a day on the calendar once a year is not necessarily a bad thing. We've all got someone to love! No significant other? Well, go love up on your mom! There's someone out there for everyone and it doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate. Just a simple thank you and I appreciate you could make someone's day.

This year though, is a whole other ball-game for me as a mom. With both of my boys in school for the big day, I've had to put on my crafty panties and come up with cute and original Valentine's for them to bring in to their friends. Now as you can imagine, my time is limited, so I was beyond thankful when I saw that Minted offered custom classroom Valentine's for a price that I could afford! They also offered matching stickers, which helps my wallet, and makes it super easy for me to buy their treats in bulk and make cute little baggies to go with. I mean, you know what I'm thinking... a 12 pack of mini pouches of Goldfish go for $8 this time of year. Times that by 24 kids and I'm broke from those suckers! Super slick, I skip the heart shaped aisles and go right into the grocery for the $5 bulk box that feeds like 100 children. Savvy and smart, plus it's definitely way cuter!

While being a mom this time of year can be exhausting, I can't forget that Valentine's Day can also mean to show your self some love. Sneak off for an hour and unwind! It doesn't cost a thing and what a wonderful way for your husband to say "I love you". I'll be soaking my toes in a bath while getting my pamper on with some of my new facial products from A Complete. Nothing like a bath and a fresh feeling face to make my night.

Que up a few candles and some fresh smelling linen spray and I'm pretty sure I'm in heaven. My favorite low-key smells come from Northern Flicker Co. and the Sweetgrass candle is probably the absolute best. 

So, just to recap: It’s never about how much, but always about the effort and thought you put into the day. I appreciate a special dinner at home after the kids go to bed, some flowers, and a heartfelt card. There's never a reason to skip out on telling the people you love how much they mean to you and a small gift goes a long way, no matter how high the price tag. Just remember that!

With Valentine's Day creeping up on us already next Tuesday (how is February half way over?!), shipping could be an issue. I've rounded up some last-minute gifts that can be bought online with super fast shipping or with store-pickup as an option. (Thank you Target, I love you.) Don't just buy a gift, but make it an experience. Look at Valentine's Day as the perfect excuse to create more moments together with that extra little spark! Love Potion Travel Mug $14 // Rose Faux Fur Heart-Shaped Pillow $15  // J.Crew Men's Slim Brushed Twill Shirt $40 // UO Metal Planter $10 // 'Perfect Blend' Mug $5 // Women's Drop Earrings $8 // Golden Heart Ice Cream Set $10 // V-day Tassel Garland $5 // Valentine's Day Cookie Box $4 // OPI Nail Lacquer - Pale to the Chief $10 // Golden Heart Cosmetic Bag $12 // Party Stemless Wine Glasses $50 // Valentine's Scratch-off Telegrams (6) $18 //

And, for all you DIY'ers, don't think I'd leave you hanging. Grab our exclusive free printable below and make something really special for your Valentine! After all, it's the thought that counts. Put this baby up in a classic black frame with a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers from the *ahem* grocery store and you'll be winning.

Download HERE

 Happy Valentine's Day! Sending lots of Love your way -


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