Upping Our Bath-time Game with Ubbi

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As a parent, there are certain things you love doing with your children and then there are the things you dread even having to attempt with your kids. Thankfully, bath time is not one of those moments I dread. Don’t get me wrong, every moment with my children is a memory but that doesn’t mean it’s a memory I want to repeat, ha!

I know not all parents have it easy when it comes to bath time. I have heard some horror stories that make me cringe. However, my kids love the bath and growing up, I remember bath time being pleasant and memorable as well. I think as kids, all of our toys, including bath toys, are special to us and we might not even realize it until we’re older. I still remember my foam bath toys I always played with and stuck on the walls when I was a kid. I practiced spelling with them which made them a learning toy and a bath toy in one. When I was that age and playing with my bath toys, I had no idea that they were helping me cognitively and I definitely didn’t think about how they would hold fond memories for me when I got older.

One of the things I remember about those foam toys is that we didn’t have any good way to store them. I don’t think they ever dried because they either got thrown in the extra sink in a pile, got left in the bottom of the tub in a pile, or got slapped on the wall to be out of the way. They were fun for bath time but a soggy wet mess and in the way any other time. My poor mother, I know she most likely hated those things but she put up with it because we loved them so much.

My kids currently have a few toys that they enjoy with their bath time. Included in these are Ubbi bath toys. Just like my mom, I like my kids to have fond memories of bath time while also growing cognitively with their play. The Ubbi toys are fun because each toy has multiple functions. For example, their bathe n switch toys can be filled with water, squeezed so the water squirts out, the top and bottoms can be switched to make various creatures that their imagination thinks of, etc. It makes me a proud mom when I can watch them take a new Ubbi toy and slowly figure out all the ways in which they can play with it.

Being the mom though, my favorite part about these toys is their storage options. There’s one for the bath and one for outside the bath. The one for the bath extends to fit the width of your tub and has holes for draining. So, when the kids are finished, you can just throw them in there and the toys will be out of the way with an effective way to dry. The other toy holder looks like a trash can and is honestly brilliant. It has a bin on the top and a base that you can set anywhere in the house. Just use the bin to scoop up the toys out of the bath and set it back on the base. The base catches all the water from the toys and acts as its own little toy box for the bathroom. I can’t count how many times I didn’t have time to deal with the toys in the bath when I needed a shower. So, I would either end up stepping on one or trying to shower around them. I assure you that Legos are not the only toy that hurts when you step on it.

What are some of your favorite bath time toys for your kids or from your own childhood?


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  • Kiwi on

    How creative and cute are these ubbi bath toys. Looks like this will keep the kiddies entertained for a while!

  • Beeb Ashcroft on

    Awww, when I was little, bath time was everything to me. My mother made it a ton of as well. I remember a little boat toy I used to have for bath time.

  • Jocelyn @ Hip Mama's Place on

    Bath toys always make bath time fun for the littles! Those look like something would buy for my kids!

  • Shannon Gurnee on

    I hadn’t heard of the Ubli brand before. When bathing little ones, anything that makes bath time fun is a huge plus!

  • Rosey on

    My DIL has a mesh bag for her foam toys. It does work wonders! I like that one you have that is the length of the tub with holes in the bottom for draining.

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