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One of things I’ve been asked a lot since bringing Cason home is “are you getting any sleep?” I guess most people just figure that life with a newborn means zombie status. By all means, I’m not enjoying the 8-10hrs that I’ve been used to, but that’s to be expected. I am, however, getting decent 4-5 hour stretches at night which I’m very thankful for. Sleep is hot button topic for parents and it always seems like it’s a struggle for most, well beyond the infant stage. I’ve always lucked out with my boys after 8 months old and I owe a lot of that to a consistent schedule and a strict bedtime routine. ROUTINE is my number one go to for getting kids to sleep through the night. You heard it here first.

Now with 3, not only does consistency play a key factor, but I also have a few items that I’ve found work really well for us. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another, but let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt to try. So, let’s start first with my older boys who are 4 + 5…. The first order of business is getting these rambunctious boys to stay put in their beds. We don’t need anyone wandering around and making noise, especially while we get the baby down. How do I get a 4 and 5 year old to stay put when they go to bed about an hour or so before they’re ready to? I believe in the wind down and the answer to a good wind down is a super cozy bed.

Beddy’s Beds

Enter Beddy’s. We’ve been using our Beddy’s Beds for a few months now and they’re seriously everything you’d want them to be. My kids sleep like a dream and I think it’s truly a lot to do with how soft these things are. Not only that, but the whole zip technology prevents the age old problem of them kicking their blankets off in their sleep. In addition to how wonderfully they work to keep them asleep, they also save me a ton of headaches in the morning when it comes to them making their own bed. A little zip on either side and their bunk looks pulled together in 2.7 seconds. So here I am teaching them responsibility, while they’re giving me a good solid 10 hours of peace and quiet sleep at night.

Hatch Baby Rest

Another thing we use to keep them in their bed the entire night is a sleep to wake clock. The Hatch Baby Rest has helped us with Hudson and his 5am wake up call that we were used to. With the “ok to wake” feature, we’ve been able to teach Hudson to wait until the light turns green before getting out of bed. Those few extra minutes in the morning make a huge difference. I also love that I can control the device from my phone without entering the room. I’m always afraid of waking the beasts, so now with this I don’t have to!

Okay so, what about the baby…I know you’re all like, “teach me your ways“…


First things first, if you don’t have a Dockatot are you really living? I never had the luxury of having a Dockatot with Aden or Hudson, so the only thing I could rely on was the rock and play. While the rock and play was great and all, it left a lot to be desired. Then somewhere between Hudson and Cason, the Dockatot was formed and solved every infant sleep conflict one can imagine. I’m not trying to talk this thing up to a miracle worker, but it’s pretty darn close. The Dockatot is a comfy little nest that keeps baby feeling snug all night long while giving us parents piece of mind. It provides a safe sleeping environment and also helps with the transition from bassinet to crib. It claims to “reinvent the womb” and it really does provide a warm and comfortable spot for baby. All that being said, Cason has slept like a dream in this thing wonder weeks and all. So you know where that leaves me…. hovering over him checking to make sure he’s breathing.

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

The Owlet Smart Sock has been the answer to my prayers and eases any anxiety I have about Cason’s well-being at night. In all honesty, they’re pretty expensive however they give you invaluable information about your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels. The smart sock technology is compact and it syncs up to an app you can get on your smartphone. In addition to real time tracking of your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels it will also notify you if your baby’s live readings fall out of the preset range. The notification will go to your cell phone as well as a loud beeping on the docking station that you have set up nearby. This thing is pretty amazing and helps ease my mind especially when he’s napping further away in his own crib. I plan to use this well past his first year. Until he makes me take it off… which is never. It’s never coming off.

disclaimer: Because the cause of SIDS is unknown, Owlet Smart Sock cannot and does not claim to prevent it. Please be clear in any and all mentions of SIDS that Owlet Smart Sock is not a SIDS monitor, nor does the product claim to treat, cure, mitigate or diagnose any condition or illness. The Owlet Smart Sock is intended to provide peace of mind.

acrylic wall frame c/o Highland Hardware

Arm’s Reach The Co- Sleeper

We’ve been using this Arm’s Reach The Co-Sleeper the past month or so since he outgrew the Moses basket. The idea of the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is to literally keep your baby at arms reach. It can be used as a standard bassinet or be attached to your bed as a co-sleeper. Let’s be honest, breastfeeding can be beyond exhausting. Getting up to feed a baby in the middle of the night is just part of the fun of being a mom. It comes with the territory and nothing adds to exhaustion like getting up multiple times a night. If you’re like me, by the time you fall asleep, your baby is awake and ready to eat again. HOW?! Co-sleeping is a great solution for this, but it’s not really safe. That’s where the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper comes in. It prevents you from having to physically get out of bed to reach your baby. We’ve loved it so far and it’s really helped with the middle of the night feedings.

….and of course, you can’t go wrong with the Woombie swaddle bag. Our favorite is the Grow with Me and the Woombie Air.

Newton Crib Mattress

Beyond my wishes of having Cason sleeping next to me forever…. for-ev-er, I have already started to put him in his crib during nap-time just to get him familiar with the new space and hopefully help ease with the full transition in a few months. He’s taken really well to his new mattress and I’m just happy that it’s 100% breathable and uses the highest quality food-grade polymer that leaves out all the foam, latex, springs and glue common in other crib mattresses (no off gassing, toxic chemicals or allergens). The Newton Crib Mattress creates a resilient three-dimensional shape that is 90% air by volume. What does this mean in regular words?  It means it’s safe, cleaner and healthier for your baby.  If you are worried about the baby rolling over in the middle of the night, this mattress is completely breathable.  Tests have shown that babies can breathe right through the mattress which reduces risk of suffocation. I’m clearly not a first time parent, but this is something that worries me and keeps me up at night so having this reassurance definitely makes me feel better. Not to mention, both the cover and the actual Wovenaire mattress can be washed by hand in the shower.  I love that both pieces can be completely washed! The mattress is on the pricey side at $300 but I think the piece of mind you’ll receive from it is worth every penny.

I’m thankful that a) baby products have come a long way and b) that I can sleep a little better at night knowing my boys are getting the best night’s rest I can possibly give them. I went ahead and linked our favorite sleep items below for easier shopping:

Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know below in the comments!
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