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Hair 101 with Hask


If there’s one thing I love, it’s beauty products. I’m a sucker for trying new things that will not only solve my beauty dilemmas, but will also live up to their hype. With the amount of items now on the market making claims to turn you into Beyoncé, it’s more important than ever to get...

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Momma's Must Haves: Beauty

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How do you keep it all together when juggling the world? Keep to the basics, that's how. My Necessities There are 5 products that I have to use every day, otherwise you may not want to cross my path, just sayin'. I've been a Clinique girl for as long as I can remember so the floral-citrus blend of Clinique's Happy is my go-to, to keep me feelin' girly when I resemble a mother of a mess (see also: hot mess).  One more gem from Clinique that I swear by? Redness Solutions. All you need after a good face washin' for a start to...

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