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I love refreshing the spaces around our house for the seasons. One of my favorite things to do is to shop my own home and move pieces from one room to another to give it a fresh look. I recently gave our Master Bedroom a mini-makeover and thought it would be fun to share with you some of my tips on how I switched up just a few things to turn our bedroom into the perfect summer oasis with little to no cash.

You can use these easy decorating ideas to create the perfect summer bedroom. Learn how to transform your master bedroom into a relaxing summer retreat.

/ switch up the nightstands

Did you ever rearrange your room as a kid and feel immediately invigorated? That’s what a quick refresh of my nightstands feels like now as an adult. Just moving items around to different spots and swapping the photos out in our frames, completely changes things for me. In the summer months, I like to add a scented candle and a little plant to make it more seasonal. It’s crazy how something so simple and minor can really uplift your mood and your bedside space.

/ add in (live) greenery

Bringing nature in is the best way to freshen up any room. Whether they’re live or fake (in my case), adding in plants to any space is never a bad thing. There’s so many ways you can play around with it, whether it’s small pots on the nightstands, patterned vases on the dresser, or my personal favorite is a wall pocket with an air plant tucked inside. With so many options, you can’t deny the fact that they really “liven” up a place.

/ layer more whites with the bedding

Just a few quick fixes, like adding in more white linens, can turn a dark and boring room into a bright and relaxing retreat. People are typically scared of white, but I embrace it. There’s nothing a little bleach can’t handle and ultimately white can make your space look more upscale in an instant. Our bed linens are from Serena and Lily and I love the gauze-like fabric of their Paloma collection that makes me feel like I’m on vacation in some exotic location. Raiding your linen closet can do wonders and is another great way to shop your home! If you’re anything like me, you probably forget what’s even in there. I love keeping a light and serene look for our bedroom incorporating soothing tones and whites. Especially in the summer, the lighter tones make the room feel cool and crisp, even on those sweltering southern days!

/ create a feature wall with new art or paint

I had all intentions of putting up  a really amazing feature wall behind our headboard, but the removable wallpaper I chose didn’t print out quite right and the colors skued wrong, so I had to send it back. I wouldn’t have normally shared that experience, because there’s really no point, but in this case, I want you all to know that you it’s completely natural for things to go wrong when you’re decorating a home. You win some and you lose some. In this case, after my wallpaper fail, I realized that what I had going wasn’t all that bad to begin with. So I went ahead and layered up some new art instead. Don’t be afraid to experiment with all sorts of things on your wall! Baskets, horns, plants, and in my case, a ceramic palm. You really can’t go wrong, but do keep in mind the scale. Another fun update you could make is adding a hat rack like this one, which adds tons of texture, dimension and color to your space. If you’re feeling brave, I always love a good painted feature wall, too. I’m still on the fence on whether we’ll paint ours a dark charcoal for contrast, but even I’m not entirely there yet! Go with your gut and overall, just have fun with it!

/ bring in more color with throw pillows

I guess you could say my idea of a good time is swapping out throw pillows. I’ve found that even the smallest modifications can literally change the entire look and feel of a room. I happened to refresh our bed for summer with a few of these pillows from Serena and Lily. Layering textures, prints, and pops of color (in my case, this beautiful mauvey pink linen), really make you feel like you’re a guest in your own home. Give it a try!

Thanks for coming along on my mini master bedroom tour.  Let me know what tips you’re already incorporating into your home to give it a great summer refresh ~ xx


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