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Designing a custom quilt seems like an ominous task right? Well, not anymore! 

Stitched is an online store for making all your custom quilt dreams come true. They're block designer is so easy to use, you literally could have your quilt designed and ordered before breakfast. They also have some standard designs that are way too cute to choose from or even better, choose a traditional template and then drag and drop color options into each block to get an entirely different look.  

So here's how it works:

1. You can customize any of their quilt designs or order the default design. Your customization can be as simple as changing out the text, or as complete as changing the color of every fabric in the whole design – it’s completely up to you, so you can get exactly the quilt you want. (AMAZING)
2. They digitally print your quilt design using a state of the art digital textile printer on a color-fast cotton poplin fabric.
3. Their U.S.-based quilters will machine quilt your design using Hobbs batting (the soft stuff in the middle of quilts), and super soft Cuddle minky fabric on the back of the quilt. It's super soft!
4. Enjoy your beautiful, made to order custom quilt. They’ll ship your finished quilt  within 7 business days, and it should arrive on your doorstep within 10 business days.

As soon as I got my quilt in the mail, the boys and I headed to our favorite spot for a picnic. It's one of our favorite things to do together after school pick-up and the quilt was the perfect accessory to the party. It's actually better than I imagined. I'm thrilled with the quality and the colors are so vibrant. This particular design reminds me so much  of a vintage throw from your grandmother. I'm in love!

Of course, with boys being boys and all, my kids put it to the test within a few minutes. Water was spilled, hummus smeared, and dirty sneaker scuffs everywhere. I'm happy to report that it's held up quite nicely in the wash, so that scores some major points with me. No hand-washing here... ain't nobody got time for that.

Overall, I feel like these custom quilts make great heirloom quality gifts that you can design yourself, but not necessarily sew yourself. They'd make the perfect baby shower gift for a new mom, a nice house-warming gift, or even a sentimental piece of home for a college grad heading off on their own. 

To learn more about Stitched and see more gorgeous designs, check them out below:

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