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The focus of the Starting Small series is to introduce you to some amazing individuals who have built their own businesses from scratch. They are full of passion, life, and love. Once a month, we feature a new business owner, and pick their brain regarding how they started their business, advice for those who have/wish to have a business themselves, how they making time for themselves, and most importantly, which they love most about being a small business owner. I hope these individuals will inspire you, motivate you, and fill your heart with as much love as they've filled mine.

Chatting with Jamie Yetter, Owner of:

1. When did you first decide you wanted to start a business and what was your inspiration? Tell us the story!
After my third daughter was born I was desperately needing a way to confidently and modestly nurse in public. My older girls were 5 and 3 at that time. We lived in a very small apartment and often needed to get out to get our wiggles out, run errands, and go to school. All of these things mean you are on the go constantly and it is hard to nurse especially with other littles to chase after, am I right? I used my original prototype for the first time during a trip to Disneyland with all three children. I literally had women coming up to me and asking me where I had purchased my nursing cover! That’s when I realized this was a need almost all nursing mothers had. Covered goods was born to solve this need, and I’m so happy to be able to help other mothers with my product.

2. You're a mama and a business owner, which means you're quite the busy lady! How do you incorporate your family + business + personal time into your day?
I’m a single mom of four kids: Lyza (10), Cyndal (8), Alice (5) and Troy (3). Life with four is certainly busy—but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Being a business owner means you’re never really able to check out—which can be challenging. There are times when the kids are around and I need to take a work call, for instance. They’ve always known me to work from home, which I think makes it easier for them to understand—but it’s still tough. In general I try to designate certain times of my day for work—usually when the older kids are in school—and I’m efficient. The great thing about being a mom is it teaches you to pack as much into a small amount of time as possible! I also have an amazing team (of seven people!) to support me and pick up the slack when necessary.

3. What are three pieces of advice you would give to a mama who is interested in starting her own business?
Don’t give up or listen to any one that tells you that you can’t—-If you want it bad enough you CAN do it and make it possible! Balance is necessary and key to being successful—-Knowing when to dig in and knowing when its time to take a step back is crucial. Accept help and hire people that you can delegate to—-Its hard to let go of the control, but you cant do everything!

4. Where do you look to for inspiration for new designs?
Living in Southern California I adore being outdoors with my kids. We love hiking and the beach—and spending time with friends doing either! Often I’ll look to nature for inspiration. I also try to think about what moms will need for a pick-me-up, given the season. For example, in the spring I always think that women want bright, beautiful florals. In the fall they’re looking for something crisp and vibrant. 

5. What was the process like for deciding on the name for your business?

I wanted something creative and catchy that’s easy to remember—but didn’t pull up super nasty images when you search the name. The alternatives did…it’s sad!

6. What has been the most difficult part of creating and managing a small business? What has been the most enjoyable part?
The most difficult part is what I mentioned earlier—never being able to check out. Covered Goods® is my fifth baby—I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished but (just like parenting!) it’s a 24 hour job. The most enjoyable part has been helping so many women extend the breastfeeding journey—and enjoy it more! I love how we continue to make mother’s lives easier with our products—it’s so rewarding!

7. Favorite quote:
"A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong it is until it's in hot water." -Eleanor Roosevelt 

8. Tea or Coffee? Early Bird or Night Owl? Heels or flats? Sunshine or Snow?

I don’t drink coffee—but Starbucks makes a great vanilla steamer! These days—with the kids—I’ve definitely become more of an early bird. Flats all the way, and sunshine! I was born to be a California girl :).

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