The focus of the Starting Small Series is to introduce you to some amazing individuals who have built their own businesses from scratch. They are full of passion, life, and love. Once a month, we feature a new business owner, and pick their brain regarding how they started their business, advice for those who have/wish to have a business themselves, how they making time for themselves, and most importantly, which they love most about being a small business owner. I hope these individuals will inspire you, motivate you, and fill your heart with as much love as they’ve filled mine.

How did the idea for your brand come about?  How did you get started?  What is your mission?  Tell us the story! // I started making my own Teething Jewelry that matched my own style, which as most of my friends know is a mix of neutrals and whites and grays. I felt like there had to be other moms out there who would much rather wear a Teething Necklace that complimented their style without overpowering their outfits. I didn’t invent the teething necklace but I created a brand that moms can trust to be on-trend and in style. My husband and I started Chewable Charm in 2014 after our son Austin was born.

I have always had “my brand” in my mind. You should see my Pinterest boards which I have gathered over the years. I started dreaming of a brand before I knew what our product would be. Being a mom of a teething baby was exhausting, overwhelming and heartbreaking. Finding something fun and stylish to wear and not worry about while my little guy shoved it into his mouth triggered a spark that caught to fire in our household.

Quickly came the necklace designs, the website, the social media and soon after that, came the orders. We are now in over 40 retail stores over the US and growing into many more. It has been so much fun to see this little dream of ours turn heads.

Simple, stylish & classic is what you’ll find here, always!

We are here to help keep your pre-baby style with our modern designs while helping soothe your little ones teething gums. Our beads are 100% FDA approved high quality food grade silicone. Similar to a chewy pacifier silicone. They are BPA, PVC, Latex, phthalate and lead free. It’s great for gift giving to a new mom and baby showers. We also have handmade wooden teether toys made locally in Livermore. Our prices range from $9-$25 and we have free shipping online.

You’re a mama and a business owner, which means you’re quite the busy lady! How do you incorporate your family + business + personal time into your day? // Not only am I a momma, and a business owner but I also have a FULL time corporate job. Phew I’m tired just thinking about it all. In my life right now personal time is family time. I go to bed early to survive those 6:30am toddler wake ups and do it all again! Luckily we have many friends with kids and babies so weekends involve family wine tasting days at our local wineries and bbq pool days. I’m SO lucky to have my parents live 8 houses down from us and they are full time grandparents and watch Austin about 6 hours a day. I am also lucky to have flexible hours in my corporate job that allows me to work from home so that I am available a lot of the time for Austin.

My advice is just keep each separate.  Know when to dedicate time to each one and stay focused.

What are three pieces of advice you would give to a mama who is interested in starting her own business?

  1. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle
  2. I think keeping a realistic expectation while getting started is key and don’t be afraid to slowly ease into the transition of doing what you love.
  3. Great Photography is KEY

Where do you look for inspiration for new designs? // Mainly from Pinterest, I’m constantly browsing for new colors and styles each season. Also I keep a pulse on necklace designs in stores I love like Anthropologie, Nordstroms, and Revolve.

What was the process like for deciding on the name for your business? // Wish I had a better story here. It’s funny, I don’t truly remember. Mom Brain! When we started Chewable Charm our son was 4 months old, so many of us know what life is like then! I do know that I had a few different options and I asked my best friends their opinions on them, my friend Kim incorporated my options together and said what about “Chewable Charm” and it stuck!

What has been the most difficult part of creating and managing a small business? What has been the most enjoyable part? // There’s a lot to say. Hardest parts are always going to be finding the time. As well as keeping your brand original. It’s ok to know that you did not invent your product but it’s VERY important to keep your designs unique and original.

I just LOVE hearing positive feedback and seeing our customers, momma and baby loving their necklaces and teether toys!

Favorite quote: // Everything is figureoutable

Tea or Coffee? Early Bird or Night Owl? Heels or flats? Sunshine or Snow? // Coffee, so much of it. Early bird because my son has never slept in past 7:30am. Bootie heels and flip flops all day! I live in California where the sun is always shiny and the snow is a 4 hour drive away, I love both too much to choose!

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