The Baby Cubby: Sprinkle Registry Guide

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If there's one thing we love around here, it's babies. And on top of that, when we're given any excuse to play with baby products, we take it. It's that simple. So, when our friends over at The Baby Cubby approached me about shopping their site and creating a must-have registry, not only did I jump at the chance, I immediately knew what type of registry had to happen. I know myself, being 30-ish, most of my friends are well past their first baby, including me. The second, third, or even fourth (gasp!) time around comes with a wiser and more minimalistic view on what babies need. Let's be honest, we're just running out of hands over here and the less sh*t the better!

Not only that, but a lot changes between babies and there are SO many better functioning products on the market just a year or so between kids (I'm looking at you, Dockatot!). If you're lucky enough to be thrown a "Sprinkle" type of shower for your additional babies, take the opportunity to ask for some products that will ease the chaos of your life with two+ kids. 


Sprinkle Baby Registry Guide

  1. Double Stroller - The Bumble Ride2016 Indie Twin Double Stroller is the first thing you'll need when juggling 2 kiddos, if you ever want to go out in public. A side by side is a must when they're toddlers! No fighting over who gets the front and who gets the back... that's one less bickering session you'll have to deal with and trust me, there are many!
  2. Infant Car Seat - The Nuna Pipa Car Seat is literally the perfect meeting of style and safety. It's also the lightest seat in it's class, weighing in at barely 7lbs! HUGE deal when you're juggling a second.
  3. Nipple Balm - The Tubby Todd Mama Nursing Salve is the solution you've been looking for, breast-feeding mamas! It's amazing and all-natural. Did I mention that it actually works? Yeah, that, too.
  4. Transitional High Chair - The Stokke Tripp Trapp is my absolute favorite! We own one in white, but this aqua blue color has me going all heart eyes. With the right accessories, this chair can transition from 6 months through 6 years old and it's a breeze to clean. 
  5. Weekly Milestone Blocks - The Little Sapling Toys Age Blocks make it easy and fun to take those weekly/monthly photos of your growing baby. You can even use them during pregnancy to count-down to baby! Either way, it'll make life that much easier when you're suddenly 4 weeks behind on the photo-taking. Because that will happen the second time around, you know!
  6. Travel Weekender / Diaper Bag - The Birdling Bags Weekender Diaper Bag is perfect for a weekend trip or as a hospital bag! Pack all the necessities in one place without having to carry multiple bags. You could even leave it, like I do, in the backseat of your car with all of the emergency essentials for when you're away from home. Loving the neutral colorway on this one!
  7. Swaddle - The Miracle Blanket combines two of the most effective ways to calm a baby: classic swaddling and lateral body wrap. It's super easy to use, especially in the middle of the night and with 2+ kids now, you'll need all the sleep you can get!
  8. Plush Lovey - It's easy to do "hand me downs" with subsequent babies, but every little babe needs their own special lovey. The Mary Meyer Talls Cow is just so dang adorable, I couldn't resist adding it to the registry!
  9. Use for Everything Ointment - The Tubby Todd All-Over Ointment is the go-to balm for you. It works for everything. Diaper rash, scrapes, burns, eczema... you name it and it does the job. It's also all-natural so you don't have to worry about your little babes when using it. I absolutely LOVE this stuff!
  10. Sleep Aid -  The Dockatot is a long awaited answer to how the heck do I get this baby to sleep?! It's the ideal safe and cozy spot for your little one. Lightweight and portable, you can carry it basically anywhere to dock your tot. From what I hear, it's pretty much the baby whisperer, just sayin'.
  11. Sling Carrier - The Ergo Baby Wrap is essential for freeing up those hands of baby to dealing with what's probably a temperamental toddler. Not to mention, it's great for dad, too!
  12. Pack + Play Travel Bed - The 4Moms Breeze Playard was my saving grace when it came to pack + plays. I originally had another brand, (who shall remain nameless), that I received as a gift at my first baby shower. It was horrendous! It didn't "pack up" like you would expect from these types of things and it weighed a million pounds. Needless to say, it went back immediately and in swooped the Breeze, which totally lives up to its name. It packs completely into one easy to carry bag and when it's time to set-up, you press one single button and up it pops! I mean, breeze, seriously. 

 With so many options for registries these days, you're probably asking, what is the Baby Cubby and why would I choose to register with them? Well, I'm glad you asked! ;) They're so much more than just "another baby store". Whenever you engage with them, whether on their website, in their retail store (lucky Utah locals!), or through social media and their Cubby Community Blog, you'll feel the difference knowing they're not there to just sell you stuff, but to be a resource through this whole amazing journey of parenthood. Listen, they know their stuff, okay? Trust me. In addition to that, here are the top 3 reasons we love them so much:

  • They price-match, even Amazon, so you know you're getting the best deal!
  • They carry only the best and safest gear so you can shop confidently (The Baby Cubby spends hundreds of hours researching so you don't have to!)
  • Free Shipping every-day on orders over $49 on

    So, you're ready to start your registry, right? Create a Baby Cubby Registry here and enjoy multiple discounts, concierge services, easy returns/exchanges and a closeout discount. To read a little more about The Baby Cubby head over to their about us to get more details on their mission and how they do things differently.




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