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If there’s one thing I love, it’s decorating. I adore adding little touches here and there to help spruce up our old decor. Our reading nook/loft was especially grateful for little extra touches I added. With spring in the air I felt that one of our favorite places deserved a bit of an update. It just so happened that I was given the opportunity to partner with both Framebridge and WallsNeedLove and I was able to use the products of my choosing to spruce up the space a bit.

Framebridge’s service was great and couldn’t have been easier to use. They’ve broken down their services in just a couple of easy steps to follow. The directions were incredibly simple:

  1. Send or Upload your art. You can choose one of two methods, sending in your own canvas and print or uploading your print from your computer. If you choose to send in your own, they provide free shipping, both ways!
  2. Framebridge crafts a frame just for you. When your chosen art arrives to their studio, the designers and producers set to work creating a frame. They measure, cut and build a custom frame using only the highest quality materials so your piece will last for years to come. After the creative process is through, they carefully package your art for shipment.
  3. Your Art is send directly to your doorstep. All ready to hang, your piece of art comes with included hardware so your framed work of art is ready to be hung at your leisure.

While partnering with Framebridge I was able to review a couple of their beautiful items. One was their Gatwick Silver Canvas Frame and the other was their gorgeous Newport Silver Frame. Both pieces added just the right touch to our home decor and I couldn’t be happier with the overall result they produced with their presence.


The Gatwick Silver Canvas Frame compliments our “Forever Young” canvas perfectly. It’s warm and subtle, and is designed without acrylic or mat board so the art housed within is fully expressed within the frame. I really love how this turned out!


The Newport Silver Frame, which I paired with Max Wanger’s “Tulum”, has an antiqued look that is just lovely. It’s timeless and classic, which is suited perfectly for any print of your choosing. It’s the perfect choice for family pictures, scenic views or even children’s art. Literally, anything. I love how this piece added the pop of color and warmth that our family room needed. I haven’t found the perfect spot to hang it yet, but I’m kind of digging how it looks on our entry table until I figure it out!

I’m falling more in love with hanging art in our home. With so many hundred of thousands of pieces to choose from, you never run out of ways to express yourself or your interests by hanging the piece of your choosing. Framebridge was the ideal company to work with and their services were so easy to use.

 To find out more about Framebridge you can visit them on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram.


WallsNeedLove is another fabulous company to work with. Their mission is a simple one and one that everyone could be on board with: to break down the walls between artists, gallery and home designer. So many times we’ve seen something on Pinterest or on the internet and wished we could decorate our space similarly. Well, with WallsNeedLove and their mission to break down the walls between us, it’s now possible to get the artistic, trendy looks that we’ve been after for so long and in an affordable way. Dreams really do come true! They strive to satisfy the creative needs of their customers, community, artists and nonprofits. Most importantly, they seek to inspire their customers to fall in love with their homes again and again by offering affordable and unique designs! I’ve already found at least 3 other places in my home that I’ll be adding some of their removable wallpaper to. #gimmeallthewallpaper

I can’t wait to add that special touch to those spaces!


   While working with WallsNeedLove I was able to review their Pixel Diamonds Removable Wallpaper. I applied it to the backing of our book shelves and the result was so chic and fun. It made the whole process even more enjoyable when I found out just how easy it was to apply: no bubbling, no mess and super easy to remove if you mess up or decide you want to try a different look. It literally took me less than an hour to finish! That’s pretty amazing in my book of DIY.

Backed by WallsNeedLove’s famous “Your Grandma Will Be Jealous” guarantee, their removable wallpaper will save you time, money and reputation. Whether you’re looking for a temporary design to test our your creative side or wanting something more permanent, it’s all up to you!

  To learn more about WallsNeedLove or to keep yourself up to date on all the latest news and product releases, you can follow them on Facebook|Twitter|Pinterest|Instagram.


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