Spring Preview: Little Adi + Co. SS17 Collection

With every new collection, I feel like I share a piece of me with you. This season is no exception. Last Spring, we did a full overhaul on our styling, fits, fabrics, and branding. It was a necessary evolution for our brand as we grew, matured and found our niche among what seemed to a boom in our category of small business. I'm proud of this little brand of ours, (yes, ours! We owe it to you, some of our biggest supporters), for how far we've come and the newness we continue to bring with each delivery. I would be lying if I said I never got exhausted by the process while trying to simultaneously raise my family, but designing is second nature to me (see: about us) and my boys are what fuel this fire to keep giving you and them my absolute best.

Photography by Emily Butterworth at Hello Charlie Studio

 In tradition, I wanted to share with you my top 10 fun facts about this collection and a hint at what's to come in drop 2, releasing in May.

  1. We always offer two capsule collections for Spring, but this season we are delivering them in two drops, about 6-8 weeks apart, so not to overwhelm you or your wallets! 
  2. In addition to our own prints, we collaborate with a small, independent artist each season to support freelance and to bring a unique touch to each collection. 
  3. This season for the first time ever, we brought back an artist for a second time, with hand-drawn prints from Tatiana Magurova based in Moscow. Tatiana's work is right in line with our vision for the brand and we love her ice-cream print for Kids SS17. (Tania was our featured artist this past Fall '16.)
  4. Our dedicated Baby collection was such a hit for FW16, that we're introducing new prints, colors and styles for SS17. Everything being softer than soft, 90% organic and a ton of bamboo knits.
  5. For the Baby collection, we commissioned the artwork of Anna Kollibri from the Ukraine, for our graphic body-suits. Anna's style was perfect for this collection, portraying the sheer happiness that babies bring.
  6. The direction for both of the collection's this season had a lot to do with the simplicity that children contribute to the world. Our Kids collection, aptly named, "REAL HAPPY KIDS", is celebrating the pure joy and innocence that exudes all kids. A simple basic human trait to love and be loved. "Real Happy Kids" is exactly what I felt our society needs right about now. It was hard not to crack a smile when designing this collection.
  7. Our Baby collection on the other hand, celebrates the joy of a new life. What an amazing feeling to see a baby make their journey into this world! Our "TODAY IS THE DAY" graphic speaks just to that. Simple, clean lines and soft patterns complete this naturally derived capsule.
  8. It's all in the details. Each style this season has gotten a fresh update to make each single one, unique and special. Buttons, Pockets, Drawcords and Patches. Much like children, look for each sku to speak something different, but share the same fit and functionality. Although we're all different, very much we're all the same.
  9. We strive to have all hand-made garments. Each piece is unique so no two are the same. This is the beauty of something that is not mass-produced in a factory overseas. Each tee is screen printed by hand in our hometown and each garment is sewn by hand on the West Coast. Small supporting small.
  10. Drop 2 will come just in time for summer and is another take on childhood innocence with an emphasis on free-spirited gypsy kids. "Go now, run wild, barefoot and free" - Release date TBD in May 2017.

Stay tuned for the official release on Friday, March 3rd at 7:30pm/EST. In the meantime, come follow along with us on IG to get more sneak peeks and daily updates on the collection - @little_adi_co


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