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Having two toddler boys at home means calming the mealtime madness has been a top priority for me for the past few months. My boys have had their share of "food fights" if you know what I mean. Although boys will be boys, my main priority is making sure they actually EAT. Keeping a two yr old and a three yr old entertained at the table long enough to get a good nutritious meal in their bellies (and not on my floor!) is quite the undertaking. I finally found some products that keeps the food on the table and enables them to exert their independence while making eating fun for all of us again!

The Siliskin® Straw Top is a silicone top for straws that covers the top of any glass, instantly making it spill proof and it even includes a built-in straw for easier drinking - genius! These are my go-to for school pick-up and they fit perfectly on any cup I'm using. Yes, I definitely do steal them for me when no one's looking!

The Siliskin® Silicone Cups are the strongest cups on the market! They are 100% silicone with an embedded stainless steel ring to hold it's shape. It won't collapse when gripped and it's also MICROWAVE SAFE. That's right! They totally hold up to my two year old's bad throwing habit. *insert eyeroll* I've also caught my husband with them a time or two. Although he's a big kid himself, they're totally made for us, too!

The Siliskin® Glass Cup for Kids is perfect for my threenager wanting to drink out of a "big boy" cup. Now he can get himself water whenever he wants and I don't have to worry about him breaking a glass while fighting for his independence. Aden can now drink out of a glass cup just like mom and dad! The Siliskin sleeve makes the glass cup easy to hold and grip and protects it in case of an accidental fall. Saves my floors, you know what I mean?

Silikids have been total game changers in our house! The best thing is that all of their products are great for parents, too. I really wish I could be like Oprah and gift them to everyone I know. They're really that good. Not to mention, they'll be rolling out some new silicone dishes very, very soon - I can't wait! To see more of their products and bring some peace back to your feeding routine, be sure to check them out below: 

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 Now that we've saved our sanity with drink-ware, you're probably wondering where does the actual meal-time come in? Let me share with you, Innobaby. Making meal-time fun again with their smart plates!

The Innobaby Din Din Smart™ Stainless Mealtime Set is the cutest thing ever. The tray is shaped like a bus and has 5 compartments, just right for introducing the 5 food groups. With my picky kids, it makes offering new foods so much more fun with the smart platter.  It's also dishwasher safe, BPA-, Phthalate-, PVC- and Lead-free, which makes serving warm food easy. The lid came in handy for us, when my toddler wanted to save the rest of his lunch for later. I just popped it on and in the fridge it went.

I've teamed up with Innobaby for our weekly giveaway tonight, so be sure to check back at 9pm/est on Instagram to enter for a chance to win a $50 credit to Innobaby & Little Adi + Co. To see more of their products (and start your shopping list!), check them out below: Shop Facebook | Instagram

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