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Thank you to Healthy Times for sponsoring today’s post! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s nothing more important to me, as a mother, than to want to raise healthy and happy kids. Isn’t that our main goal in life just as parents?

Naturally, I’ve been simplifying the items in our home to be from companies that offer non-toxic, organic alternatives to things like beauty + cleaning products, and more importantly, food. As I’ve mentioned before, my entire immediate family has been diagnosed with a form of cancer in the past decade – more recently, my brother at 27 and both of my parents in their late 40’s. So now, more than ever, it’s become a priority for me to really look at the ingredients on the label, really understand them, and to limit the toxic chemicals that enter our home.

One of the au naturale companies I have really grown to love in my pursuit for a more healthy way of living is Healthy Times. Being a mom-preneur myself, I really enjoyed reading about their start. Healthy Times is a legacy brand that was started by a mom in her kitchen back in 1980, who wanted to provide nutritious food for her children without refined sugars, preservatives or additives. Now who can’t relate to that? Today, they are a part of the H&H group and with partners like Feed the Children, they’re eager to share the brand with a new generation of savvy millennial moms.

Healthy Times offers a range of different products, from Organic Baby Cereal to their Organic Growing Up Formula specifically made for toddlers ages 1 year and up.  It contains premium ingredients that are sourced from certified organic, sustainable dairy farms where added growth hormones and antibiotics are prohibited. The Special Nourish blend of vitamins and minerals is developed specially for your toddler’s healthy growth and development. It also tastes like vanilla with a tapioca consistency, so it’s the perfect “shake” for your newly independent toddler. I like to sneak a little of this in my boys’ smoothies for a little extra nourishment.

They also make really yummy toddler sized cookies and biscuits that make for a perfect snack time treat – healthy, yet still sweet. And since the biscuits contain vitamins and minerals, without any added sugar or additives, I feel good about what I’m putting in my little guy’s hands.


Seriously, have you had their Huggabear cookies?? They’re like the most delicious and nutritious snack for everyone. SO good. My entire family had an entire box finished in 10 minutes. I never have to feel guilty letting my kids eat these cookies because they have calcium, B vitamins, zinc and iron – all the vitamins and minerals they need in the perfectly sized treat. A great way to make sure my picky boys get the nutrition they need without having to put up a fight. Hallelujah! pick. your. battles.

I’m a big fan of ALL of their snacks for several reasons but two main ones; they do sustainable sourcing of organic ingredients and the fact that they have the vitamins and minerals my kids need to grow. Not to mention they’re actually good and my boys really like them, so they’re getting real nutrients with no additives – You can’t argue with that.

I also just recently got into their bath products for baby, Cason. My boys have always struggled as babies with infant eczema, so it’s been important that I rely on only natural products for their sensitive skin. Healthy Times makes all of the products I need to make bath time a great experience for baby boy (and spoiler alert: I use them on the big boys, too!) – from the shampoo and wash, to the conditioner, lotion and baby oil. The baby care line is made of tear-free blends of botanical extracts and oils, like green tea extract, chamomile extract, and jojoba seed oil, without any sulfates or parabens. Happy to report, they also smell amazingly delicious. As if I didn’t already want to eat that boy up!

What’s your favorite healthy thing to feed your kids!?

Learn more about Happy Times and why we love them so much, here.

Healthy, happy mama = Healthy,  happy babies.

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