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Before you have a baby for the first time, you think everything will go according to this beautiful plan…starting with your birth plan, and then once your baby gets here, you realize that there need to be several amendments to said plan. Some additions. Some subtractions. And a lot of “what was I thinking?” Another thing you learn is that no matter how much you’ve read or prepared yourself for life with an infant, you still have so much to learn. When I was pregnant with Aden, I had no idea that baby’s needed supplements for better health. I just thought that if you breastfed, you were good as gold. Your body gives your little one everything they need, right? WRONG.

9 out of 10 American babies are born with too much bad bacteria. That’s the vast majority of babies, so most likely your baby would benefit greatly from a daily probiotic. That fact shocked me at first, but it also makes complete sense. How often do you hear about all of the allergies, asthma, and skin issues babies have? ALL OF THE TIME. And my babies are included in that! All 3 of my boys suffered from eczema starting at just 3 weeks old and my two older ones dealt with excessive spitting up their whole first year of life. You think babies should still be these perfect, untouched humans, but the facts don’t lie. Most babies are born with a low functioning gut microbiome and they need help to repopulate good bacteria.

When you’re faced with any issues pertaining to your newborn, you do everything you can to get to the bottom of it. It’s kind of just all trial and error, and you hope that something, anything, will make your baby feel better. I read the statistics, and one thing I knew for sure was that this time around, I wanted to start baby girl on a probiotic early on to help support her gut health and ultimately set her up for a healthy, long life. After doing some research, I came across Evivo – the only probiotic that is clinically proven to:

  • Restore a baby’s gut microbiome 100 percent of the time with the good bacteria B. infantis
  • Transform special carbohydrates found in breast milk to promote the growth of B. infantis
  • Defend from potentially harmful bacteria linked to colic, eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity.

(Keep reading about this amazing probiotic. I may have a few discounts for you at the bottom of this post!)

So why Evivo over all the other probiotics on the market?

  1. It’s been researched for over a decade and has been in numerous clinical trials studying the importance of activated B. infantis (the strain of bacteria in Evivoin the gut.
  2. Strain matters. Evivo is the ONLY baby probiotic clinically proven to be 100% effective in restoring B. infantis to baby’s gut while reducing bad bacteria by 80%.
  3. The first six months are extremely critical for proper immune and metabolic development. If good bacteria is not repopulated, it could lead to Type 1 Diabetes and obesity late in life along with metabolic disorders now, and Evivo helps reduce the bad bacteria.
  4. Evivo works beautifully in tandem with breastmilk. More of the nutrients in your breastmilk will stay in your baby rather than be wasted in your baby’s diaper activatedIt’s the key to good gut health.

Here are some recent survey results from moms giving their baby Evivo:

  • 65% of moms report a decrease in colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness, after giving baby Evivo.

  • 52% notice baby’s nighttime sleep is longer/more consistent

  • 64% notice less/no gas or fussiness

  • 71% notice less/no diaper rash

The Evivo study marks a major milestone in gut health, as it’s the first ever to demonstrate that a probiotic can substantially and beneficially remodel and protect a baby’s gut. It seemed like a great choice for our next step, and we’re excited to see how it works for her next month. I’m excited, knowing that it’s such an amazing probiotic, and there’s nothing even comparable on the market. Evivo is the only probiotic clinically proven to repopulate baby’s gut with the good bacteria they are missing 100% every time. You can’t argue with that!

So if you just had a baby, or are expecting one soon like me, check out Evivo to learn more about its benefits, and how B. infantis mixed with breast milk is used to create a foundation for life-long health.

Feel free to try Evivo now…use code BLOGJ6Z5 to save $10 or code BLOGX82X to save $20 (code dependent on the kit you purchase)!

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