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Here we are! A few weeks ago I gave you a little sneak peek on insta of our new playroom space (click through in case you missed it). We recently finished the project up, added some last minute touches and got it shot, so today I’m bringing you the full reveal. When I found out I was pregnant with our fourth, my first initial gut instinct was not a nursery, it was instead a new playroom for the boys. I guess deep down I knew a dedicated + organized space for them to let loose in was going to be more beneficial to me than an unoccupied room for a newborn. (Let’s be honest, baby girl is going to be shacking up with mom + dad her first few months, so what’s the rush?)

If you’ve followed along with us for awhile, you may remember what this room used to look like (see the BEFORE here). This was before we blinked and had 4 kids. You also may be wondering where my office went. Well, while I was working through this space, my husband finished our two-car garage to be *almost* fully enclosed, so everything you see in that previous post ended up out there. He sealed the floor, painted the walls, and we both worked together to section off the quads to get better use of the space. A gym for him, an office for me, a kids play area (for while I work), and a storage space for all of the kids bikes and ride-ons. I actually prefer having my office space outside of our home, since I can try to get better at leaving work at the ‘door’ (for the most part). A closer look at that space to come in 2020.

In other news, the nursery is something I’m going to work on early in the new year, but for now, this bright and airy playroom is giving me all the feels. So let’s just get right into it, shall we?

*warning* This post is photo heavy. Scroll to the bottom for all product sources.

When I first started this project, I was immediately inspired by the new children’s prints from Minted. All of the fine art that you see in this room can be found on their site. I loved the playful colors that could be considered fun yet, gender neutral for all of the kiddos. I wanted to create a space to not only store all of my kids toys in one localized spot, but also have it arranged in a way that leant itself to their different ages. To accomplish what I wanted for the room, I divided the space into a few different areas – a cute reading nook by the window, a crafting/arts/homework space with storage tucked off to the left, a kitchen area for lots of imaginative ‘house’ play, an infant/toddler Montessori area set up for little hands that encourages independence, and a transitional activity gym setup that could break down and move around the room as their little creative minds would allow. Think pirate ships and buses and surf lessons, oh my!

The Wiwiurka Toy Gym setup is awesome for using their imaginations since the possibilities really are endless as to how you can use each piece. The XL rocker can be flipped on it’s back where the boys love to pretend they’re on a pirate ship heading to shore, sideways for a good barrier when playing cowboys + indians, or flipped over as an arch (as shown here). They’ve used it as a bridge, thrown blankets over it for a fort, and performed on it as a stage. The Rock Wall Board has served as a good connector to the Pickler Triangle, which inevitably leads to a slide into the ball pit. With 3 boys, you kind of have to expect some American Ninja Warrior type stuff when giving them things like this. The best part about it all, is that these pieces have been great for not only my 6yo & 5yo, but my 17mo has also had no problem scaling them. They really are great for all ages! I went ahead and put down a Toki Mat just in case, so if Cason misses and falls, he’s not falling straight onto the hardwood.

I made a few small changes by adding lots of height and depth to the walls with hanging plants, hat racks, shelving, and garlands. The new kid-sized furniture helps to make the room more their own and the ‘made for them’ height has been immediately welcoming. They’re loving it! My biggest goal was to keep everything super kid friendly, including the rug and storage. Not only that, but I wanted to organize everything in a way that made it easy for clean-up no matter who entered the space. I’m hoping this will promote a little independence in the bigger kids, but so far it looks like Cason is catching on more.

Their little play kitchen from Kid Kraft is the cutest thing ever. This is another item that all of the boys really enjoy together. I loved the modern design and the fact that I really didn’t have to do much to it to achieve that look. If you’re like me, you’ve fallen down the play kitchen DIY rabbit hole on Pinterest. There are some amazing ones out there! While I love a good DIY, I didn’t really feel comfortable with my kids being exposed to the spray paint inside our home. It was okay with their outdoor playhouse, since it has plenty of ventilation and weather wear, but the thought of their indoor toy being painted and potentially chipping, just wasn’t for me. The best part about the Kid Kraft kitchens is that they’re so realistic looking and on trend. With so many options, it’s hard not to find one that fits in with your aesthetic. I chose the Uptown Elite White and ordered some peel and stick subway tiles on Amazon to makeover the backsplash and really take it up a notch for authenticity. I also had a lot of fun setting up this area to be reminiscent of a cute little home. It makes me smile every time I look at it…

(You may or may not have caught a glimpse of baby girl’s first initial. OOPS!)

So, the last space in here is the arts + crafts area. I really took a lot of consideration when choosing the desk for this little alcove we have in the wall. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a full size table or something lower for the littles to be able to stand against. After a lot of searching and back + forth, I found the best solution. The Stuva collection from Ikea has adjustable feet so we can raise and lower as we need. It’s still very much ‘kid-sized’, but we’ll get more time out of it as Aden + Hudson get older. The other great thing about this particular Ikea piece is that you can transition it to many different items, like we did with the second desk, by adding a storage box under it. Ideally I would have loved for both to fit side by side, but mama didn’t measure first, so a makeshift ‘L’ it is. I actually think it turned out better that way, so I can utilize the storage for myself and the boys can’t really get into it with half of the bin being closed off from the second bench.

The biggest change overall though, was getting rid of our outdated reclaimed wood sliding door and updating it with a new custom white barn door from Artisan Hardware. I shared with them my inspiration I’ve had stored in my screenshots for years:

And by working together we decided that we could use their Aztec Sliding Door for the jumping off point. I went with the anti-brass finish for both the hardware and the Ellipse handle. I really wanted the glass peekaboo window at the top to let light through to the living area. The playroom gets so much good natural light during the day from that side of the house, so it gets pretty dark in here when we close it off. We don’t close it often, but this is technically a bedroom that we’re using for other things and for the long-term we need some sort of door here. I still can’t believe what a difference the white has made in our open concept first floor. The light just bounces from it and it’s taken everything around it to a whole other level. I think it kind of speaks for itself, don’t you?

There you have it! What do you guys think? I’m pretty sure when times get tough, I’ll just pack my bags and move in.


wall paint color: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

barn door color: Snowbound by Sherwin Williams


KidKraft Kitchen Set (similar here and here) | DIY backsplash tiles

Sprout Kids Infant Montessori Shelf

Franklin+Emily Kid Chair


Wiwiurka Toy Gym: Pickler Triangle with Ramp | Rock Climbing Board | Rocker / Arch

Sprout Kids 8 Cube Shelf

3pc Eames Table + Chairs(similar here)

Washable Area Rug

Kid Desk combination: Table | Storage | Eames Chairs

Rattan Pendant Light


Minted children’s art “paper stack” | “moths” | “Sherbert Rainbow” | “Yay for you

Minted XL children’s art “seaside vacation”

“Our Happy Place” sign


Rattan Hanging Planter

Wall Clock – sold out (similar here)

Raw Wood Shelf


Stackable Wood Storage Bins

Rattan Wall Hooks – sold out (similar here and here)

Acrylic Book Ledges

Accordion Wood Wall Hooks

Rainbow Pennant Garland

“Let’s Stay Home” Flag – sold out (similar here)

Wood Bookshelf

Trace and Erase Chalkboards

Toki Mats (under pickler triangle)

Ruggish Play Runner

White Wall Shelves

Wood Ampersand (similar here)


Wall Hanging Pencil Storage

Wall-mounted Kraft Paper Dispenser – DIY white spray paint


Soft Play Food: Produce, Fruit, Grocery

Pots & Pans

Wood Coffee Maker, Stand Mixer, Blender, and Toaster

Battat Farmer’s Market Basket

Cash Register (similar here)

Lovevery Toddler Boxes: Babbler & Pioneer

M&D Jumbo Rainbow Stacker | Doctor’s Bag | Cleaning set

Happy Go Ducky Stacking Truck, Flower Puzzle, Wood Rocket

‘Cason’ Personalized Name Puzzle

Personalized Markers + Pencils

Wood Cars

Thanks so much for following along with this process and I hope you all love it as much as we do. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to make these beautiful rooms for our kids to grow up in and to have you to share them with! I really don’t take any of this for granted. Excited for baby girl to get here so I can watch all 4 of my babies enjoy this space together. What’s your favorite thing about this playroom? I always love to see what my readers gravitate to in each one of our home reveals. Leave it in the comments below!

A big thank you to my partners for coming together to make this space a reality! – Sprout Kids, Kidkraft, Wiwiurka Toys, Franklin+Emily, BCProducts, Melissa & Doug, Lovevery, Stuckonyou, Scandiborn, Toki Mats, RuggishCo and HappyGoDucky Toys.

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