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“My dark days made me strong. Or maybe I was already strong, and they just made me prove it.” ~ Emery Lord

At almost 35 weeks pregnant, I was excited to capture our progress and success after two failed pregnancies. A year ago, you couldn’t tell me that we’d be here now. I wouldn’t have believed it. Life was hard. It felt like quick sand that we just couldn’t get out of. Beyond our fertility struggles, there was a lot of personal issues that were hitting us from every angle. But we’re here now and it’s beautiful at the top of this mountain. As we’ve crept closer to our due date, I’ve had so many feelings that I needed to get out, so when they seemed to overwhelm me, I would jot them down in my phone to save for another day. I’ve decided to accompany these photos with an open letter I wrote in preparation for the big arrival. I can only imagine everything I will feel in that moment…

The amazingly talented (and so lucky she’s my friend!) Rachel Nolan, formerly of Hello Gorgeous Photography, helped to execute my maternity shoot vision and a big thanks to 701 Whaley for the dreamy space which gave me exactly the romantic, simple and whimsical look I wanted. I am completely in LOVE with these photos, and as this post will be mainly images, I hope you enjoy them too.

– An Open Letter to the New Baby –

My Darling,

You are worth the sting of every haphazardly sent container of formula after what should have been the end of a first trimester. You are worth the blow of the missed due dates and the could have beens and the “who were they’s”. You are worth the bone crushing pain of disappointment and tears (all the tears) when my body failed me, not just once, but twice. You are worth every ounce of physical pain I endured, the mental anguish of letting go, the relationships broken and the year spent in limbo with unanswered prayers and a whole ‘lotta weakened knees. My love – after all of that and what will be is now said and done, YOU, my dear, were well worth the wait.

With all of my heart , Your Mommy

*This is a personal piece that I wrote from the deepest depths of my heart. Please credit me, the author, Adrianne Betz, should you choose to use it elsewhere.*


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