The bag of ALL bags: Okkatots

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Let’s face it, kids come with a lot of….stuff.  In my pre-mommy days I remember zipping out the door for an entire day with no more than my keys, phone, and wallet.  HA!  Those days are a distant memory.  Whether we are headed to the park, the grocery store, or around the block, the boys need a few things and the things they don’t necessarily need just make my life easier.  You try risking an outing with a toddler without a change of clothes.  I dare you.  Because you know the one time to decide to risk it you will really, really regret that decision. 

The folks over at Okkatots were kind enough to send me their everyday bag to try and help organize our packing, keeping the babes and us happy.  No one wants to root through the bottomless pit of a tote bag mid tantrum. This bag is the Porsche of diaper bag/backpacks!  At first glance it’s nice to look at – grey with bright blue trim, but there’s so much more.  There’s a side pocket for a water bottle and nicely padded straps.  The inside is even more impressive.  The whole bag opens up like a book so there’s no getting lost in the bottom of the bag.  There are also specific places for dirty clothes, a pacifier, even your laptop and cell phone. 

To test it out we packed up and headed out for a picnic.  Mom, I’m hungry.  Mom, I’m bored.  Mom, the bugs are biting me….In the backpack I had the answer to every “mom” issue, plus some toys, a blanket, and a book that I barely read a page of the entire time we were out.  Wishful thinking, I know. 

I love that even though I loaded up items to cover us for every conceivable scenario, I still had room to spare and with all the pockets everything inside was easy to locate.  The size makes it a bit heavy when fully packed, but it would be absolutely perfect for flying or family vacation. I’d also recommend designating one as a car emergency pack and leaving it in the trunk at all times.  At the end of the day, our Okkatots backpack helped me circumvent several potential meltdowns and in my mom book that’s one big win! 



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