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This post was done in partnership with Maxtrix Furniture. All opinions in this post are my own.

So, I know you all remember the boys’ previous bedroom with the triple bunks, right? How could you not? It’s only one of the most popular boys rooms in Maxtrix Furniture history! Crazy, right? Well, if you need a refresher you can see more of their shared space in the blog post HERE. They loved their triple bunk so much, but my main concern when moving was how we were going to configure it to Hudson’s new bedroom. It fit like a glove in the old house, but the placement of our windows and doors in the new one, made me a little scared that it was going to over-take his entire room. We also no longer needed the corner bunk since Aden was upgrading to his own space with a Queen bed, but it was important to both Hudson and I that we kept the 3 bed option for sleepovers. He also requested a larger bed like his brother – so that’s where the twin over full bunk setup came in.

The ability to reconfigure our Maxtrix triple bed, was a big reason I chose the bunk setup for the boys’ shared room in the last house. Because all Maxtrix beds are built with components, they can be reused to make different designs. It’s actually really cool! You can learn more about the system HERE. I loved the quality of their bunk bed, which has held up to my wild boys (that truly says something!), and I wanted to keep it in this new home. Hudson agreed under the condition of two minor requests: a larger bed and a sports themed room. As you can see, he got everything he wanted and more! It was important to me that the sports theme didn’t go overboard, so I kept it pretty subtle with his two favorite sports – soccer and basketball. The wall mural was a last minute addition that I think stole the show. The graphic element took the bedroom from just a boys room to truly one meant for Hudson – my understatedly cool 6 year old that has always had the most chill vibe about him. His style is naturally a mix of street and sport. If the 4 walls in this room could talk, they’d scream ‘Hudson’. That’s truly a testament to how spot on this design was for him and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out!

The Maxtrix design team was awesome and helped with the reconfiguration by deciding which parts would be reused and which additional parts were needed to convert the triple corner bunk to a twin over full with the trundle. You can see more of the fine details of the process on their blog HERE. The quality is something I have always looked to Maxtrix for and it really showed this time with the breakdown of the old bed and adaption to the new setup.

The other item we decided to keep but update for Hudson was his Beddy’s. I’m in love with this new Ivy League print and it really helped tie the whole look of his room together. The best thing about Beddy’s is they are super practical for bunk beds. With just a zipper, Hudson’s able to make his own bed in just under a minute. I really love that it promotes independence for young kids! The camel stripe on the black and white grid gives just the right amount of color in here while providing that masculine touch. Not to mention, the name Ivy League was like it was meant to be for his “sports” themed room. A true classic while still making a statement – I love when a vision comes to life!


Bed & Storage: Maxtrix Furniture, Twin over Full with trundle

Bedding: Beddy’s Ivy League Set

Framed Art: Chasing Paper, Peace

Wallpaper: Minted, Walkabout wall mural

I also chose keep his two stacked toy storage units since it makes it super easy to clean up his space with the rolling toy bins and open cubbies. I can see these still getting a ton of use as he gets older, being great storage for his books and all of his sports equipment. The fantastic thing about the Maxtrix system is we can reconfigure the furniture as many times as our family needs. I can definitely see us adapting the bed again for Cason’s use once Hudson outgrows it. It’s truly always been a pleasure working with the Maxtrix team! Everyone went above and beyond to make sure Hudson’s bed was installed the day we moved in, which really helped us that first night. All 3 boys slept in his room and had a blast. Definitely eased the transition for all of them!

Huge thanks to Maxtrix Furniture for teaming up with us again on Hudson’s new room! What space do you want to tour next?!

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