Welcome to our best blog series, Mom-hood! I am so excited to share the advice, encouragement, and stories of some amazing moms with you. Every guest blogger is not only a mother, but a business-savvy individual who is raising their tribe the best way they know how. I hope this series is not only relatable and inspiring, but offers comfort in knowing that every mother doesn't have it all figured out, and we're all just doing the best we can with what we're given. Thank you so much, Kari for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings. I know I can definitely relate to a lot of this on my journey through parenting and I know our readers will, too. Xx Adrianne

We love your Instagram feed! Tell us about your sweet family. 

I’m Kari, mama to a sweet + wild 2 year old girl, Gracie. My husband Dave and I have one on the way, too! This time, it’s a boy! We couldn’t be more excited. We live in South Florida (aka paradise) and have been loving this new journey of parenthood. 

What made you want to share your motherhood journey with the world?

I’ve always loved connecting with other moms, since I was pregnant with Gracie. When I found the Instagram “mom community” I was hooked. These online strangers soon became my closest friends. I love having a place to ask questions, share advice, read tips, be inspired, and just unwind. Sharing my journey of motherhood on Instagram just became a natural thing + a place where I have learned a lot! 

What is the best thing about being a mom?

There are so many amazing things about being a mom. I truly think I was made for this new role. Honestly, my favorite thing so far about motherhood is that I’ve learned to slow down + live more in the moment. My daughter Gracie is 2 and she lives completely in the present. Watching her at the beach - in awe of the waves, has taught me to slow down and recognize my surroundings more. Seeing her at the park with pure joy on her face as she swings has taught me to enjoy the small things. I live more present now, and it’s the best feeling. 

What's your biggest motherhood challenge? 

The biggest challenge has been questioning my decisions. I constantly wonder if I am doing what’s best for Gracie. It’s hard to balance everything you read vs. just knowing your child and what’s best for them. Also, it’s been hard to balance working at home and managing a super energetic toddler (oh, and being pregnant). That’s been the biggest challenge lately. 

If you could give one bit of advice to other moms, what would it be?

Slow down, be present, and enjoy the small things. Everyone always told me that the time flies and they grow up right in front of your eyes. And of course I listened to them, but didn’t quite believe it. Well, now that 2 years have literally flown by, I believe it. And I’m here to tell other moms that YES, TIME FLIES. Savor every moment. Soak in the good times + those times that maybe aren’t so great. I promise, when you look back, even the “bad” times are great times. Be present + be ALL there when you’re around your kids. They deserve it, and can teach you SO much about life. 

What is something you do for “me” time?

Ah… me time. It’s rare these days, but soooo nice when I catch them! My favorite me-time hobbies are watching youtube videos. (I LOVE watching daily vlogs!) I also like to do yoga (although Gracie likes to join in on this, too!). And, you’ll find me blogging or instagramming when I’m alone :). 

What characteristic do you admire most in other mothers?​

I admire calm moms. I love to see moms in a store - while their child is having a full on meltdown - and they totally keep their cool. I strive to be a relaxed + calm mom even when I am most frustrated. 

What's something you'd like to achieve for yourself, as your kids get older?

When my daughter Gracie was born, I started taking photos of her and sharing them on my Instagram. This little hobby blew up into what is now my full time job! As Gracie gets older, I’d love to continue to grow my online business, Graceful Mommy. It is so empowering to be able to start a business from scratch and grow it. It’s something I can’t wait to share with Gracie when she’s older. A true lesson in you can do anything you put your mind to :). 

​Name a woman (or women), past or present, whom you admire.​

Ah… so many amazing women to look up to. My favorite ever is Elizabeth Elliot. Her + her husband traveled around the world as missionaries. Her husband was killed by a tribe he was trying to help and later Elizabeth actually went on to serve that tribe that killed her husband. Talk about forgiveness. Things Elizabeth Elliot has written + spoken always ring in my head. I stumbled upon one of her books, “Be Still My Soul” after experiencing several miscarriages. This book gave me so much hope + truth and got me out of a really rough spot in my life. I actually now have “Be Still My Soul” tattooed on my right arm. I also highly recommend reading her book “Keep a quiet heart” . 

Be sure to follow Kari and her family's adventures over on Instagram.

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  • Rylapack on

    Such a great idea. I love reading how other moms make it happen. It’s so hard to be a full-time mom and full-time business owner. I needed the advice to slow down and enjoy motherhood!

  • Rylapack on

    Such a great idea. I love reading how other moms make it happen. It’s so hard to be a full-time mom and full-time business owner. I needed the advice to slow down and enjoy motherhood!

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