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Welcome to our best blog series, Mom-hood! I am so excited to share the advice, encouragement, and stories of some amazing moms with you. Every guest blogger is not only a mother, but a business-savvy individual who is raising their tribe the best way they know how. I hope this series is not only relatable and inspiring, but offers comfort in knowing that every mother doesn't have it all figured out, and we're all just doing the best we can with what we're given! Thank you so much, Chelsea for sharing with us your thoughts and feelings. I know I can certainly relate to a lot of this on my journey through parenting and I know our readers will, too. Xx Adrianne

wings. - by Lauren Peelman 

Time, it’s fleeting, and in this season of my life, it seems especially so. I find myself yearning for a pause button, a way to preserve the now, a way to keep my baby little for as long as I possibly can. I mean, I still haven't come to terms with the fact that my baby boy isn't actually even a baby anymore, but more so, a tiny 3 year old human with big dreams & even bigger opinions. And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't until last month, when I dropped him off at preschool for the very first time, that I came to realize how quickly he was really growing up.

The reality of time, slapped me in the face that day, as if I was given a reminder to hold tight to each day, to each season because no matter how monotonous the days may seem sometimes, they really do pass by in the blink of an eye.


It seems as if that day was especially hard for me, and I'm not sure why that was. While most of the moms were nearly sprinting out of the classroom, I was fighting back the tears not wanting to let go. Maybe it’s because he is my first baby, or maybe it’s because he is my only baby. Maybe it’s because we have been essentially unattached since the day he came into this world, or maybe it’s just simply because I wasn’t ready. But in the stillness of that afternoon, amongst a quiet house, I came to realize that just because I wasn’t ready, doesn’t mean that he wasn’t ready. He was ready to learn, to make new friends, to grow, and I had to let him do just that. After all, it is our job as mothers to give our children roots, but also, to give them wings to fly.

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