It’s a . . . ? Gender Reveal and Bump Date

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Are you fiiinnally ready to see some of our fun gender reveal pics? You’ve all been so patiently waiting & I’ve been thoroughly entertained by all of your guesses. The anticipation may have killed a few people. Just something about a wedding and a baby that makes everyone a little bit crazy.

photography by Rachel Nolan

Will it be Pink or Blue? It’s a . . .
to find.

Baby #3 is a BOY!!

I was definitely a little nervous. I wanted both a boy and a girl equally (or so I thought), but you can tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t really too shocked to see blue. Our whole family is so thrilled to be welcoming another little BOY to the tribe and as if I wasn’t outnumbered before, it’s now OFFICIAL! I kind of suspected that we were having a girl for a bit, when this little one didn’t cooperate three separate times when we tried to find out the gender. You may remember from my announcement post that I attempted the at-home blood tests not just once, but twice (with both results being inconclusive), and when we had our NT scan at 12 weeks, this little one was so awkwardly placed (upside down in a crunched fetal position), that it was just too soon for the tech to make a semi-accurate guess. I, for sure, started to become convinced that maybe it could be a “she” trying to make her mark. Everything had been so different this time around, but I also had to remind myself that my previous losses very well could have been the cause. Much to my surprise, this 3rd little GUY is definitely trying to distinguish himself from his two older brothers. I honestly think I’m just so excited to see who he’s going to turn out to be! As much as Aden + Hudson are so similar, they’re also so distinctly different. (As you can see just from the hair!) And you guys, I know I’m their mom and all, but my boys are beautiful. Inside and out. How could we not add another one to the mix? I’ve been surrounded by the male species my entire life, so just sign me up to be the ring-leader of the crazy train now. I’m game!

Not your average boy mom.

So now that I’m raising three boys, I’m part of that rad club, right? No. Honestly, I never really saw myself as a “boy mom” and I don’t think I ever really will. The term kind of just doesn’t sit well with me. Not that it’s not a great fit for others, it’s just not for me. What I am is a mom of 3 amazing, tiny, young humans that I hope can go out and do some good in this world (no matter their gender). That’s all we can really strive for as parents. Just because my sons are male, doesn’t mean they have to live up to some of the stereotypes set forth for them. The same way I felt about potentially having a daughter. I’m proud of the fact that I get to bring 3 healthy babies to earth no matter what they are. What a powerful blessing in itself. There was a moment there that even that was jeopardized. How far we’ve come… The pain was so raw and real, that I don’t think I could ever take that for granted again.

Bump Date

So here we are, just flying through the second trimester and I almost can’t believe it. I’m 24 weeks, which leaves us just around 15 weeks to get our act together and come up with a name for baby boy because we don’t even have one we agree on yet. (Although I do have a small list of boy names that I like.) Naming 3 boys is not an easy task. They’re just not as fun and creative like those for little ladies. Coming up with something sweet for a gender reveal was enough of a struggle. I did see this one on Pinterest and knew I wanted to recreate it our own way. I mean, let’s be real, I’m no Beyoncé. (dammit, why?!) So these will just have to do!

fun fact: my husband died a little on the inside when I told him we had to take this pic. 

So, now I can start over-planning the nursery and hoarding baby clothes properly, although I’m still feeling 1000% gender neutral on everything. Doubt that’s a sign (just in case you were thinking it was), but more indicative of the direction I take since each of my kids have always had their own well-defined style. I’m also out to prove that boy style doesn’t have to mean cheesy & boring. I mean hello, Little Adi + Co?! Seems a bit fitting.

Can’t wait to introduce you to this little guy in a few weeks!

PS. I’ve been following some inspiring mamas on Insta that share their daily #lifewithboys for what feels like forever, so I’m honored to start pulling ranks with them. Feel free to check out a few of my faves: @gingerparrish, @loverlees, @beau_hudson, @monica.nyhus, @haus_of_boys@marylauren, and @makelleahlin.and.thelostboys.

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