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I started my journey with essential oils over 5 years ago during my second pregnancy. Since so many things are blacklisted during pregnancy and with a 6 month old already at home, I was interested to learn about how I could introduce natural remedies into our family life and EO’s seemed to be the perfect fit. Our oil use over the years has had it’s own ebbs and flow, being more prominent when we were dealing with things like teething, sleep training, and postpartum emotions. Through those early years, they also became perfect for my husband’s migraines, baby eczema, gassy bellies, and even cleaning naturally (and safely!) around the house.

The one downfall I experienced was the fact that oiling quickly became a huge investment and once I had my “stash” established, I found myself wanting to use the ones I had on hand and waiting to order again for when the need arose. As the kids got bigger, entered school, and my need to save for preschool tuition became the most important, I only turned to them when necessary and the habit of using them everyday began to subside. Flash forward to 2016, the year of hell breaking loose, I found myself turning back to EOs and my re-entry into the essential oil life. My need grew to find natural, holistic alternatives that are not only safe, but effective. The same thing applies to minor burns and scrapes, muscle soreness and aches, immune support, congestion, and the never ending list.

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  1. Immune support – A diluted roller bottle of Thieves was my saving grace when it came to preventing the sickies with both boys as they entered preschool. I roll it on the bottoms of their feet every night at bedtime and when they get dressed in the morning and it kept their little immune systems in tip-top shape as they entered the world of toddler yucks that seem to get passed around and around.
  2. For a good night’s sleep – Diffusing Lavender at bedtime helped create that chill-out environment we needed as we got the boys into their routine when they were babies. I also rubbed them down with the YL Lavender lotion that not only relaxed them, but really helped with their eczema.
  3. To free our home of chemicals and smell amazing – I hate to say it, but candles are super toxic to burn. I can never get rid of them in my home, so I’ve turned to the more natural soy-based waxes, but more for the ambience than the smell. Ever since we started diffusing oils, our home smells 1000 times more delicious than any candle and aromatically they’re a mood booster so it’s a win/win. Some of my favorites to diffuse are Joy, Peace and Calming, Purity and Citrus Fresh.
  4. Natural remedies – This is one of the very first reasons we turned to essential oils. When my kids were babies, I was so scared to give them things like gas drops or Tylenol every time I thought they were teething. Oils were a life-saver in those early days! I used Gentle Baby, Lavender, Thieves, and the Kidscents (SniffleEase, Owie) on both boys as needed. Immediately they were effective and worked wonders.

  1. Rollers – There is literally a roller for anything, so this is one of the main ways we oil. We have a roller for sleep, a roller for tantrums (calm), a roller for sickies, a roller for focus/energy, literally a roller for everything. They’re the best – I even keep some in my purse for on the go.
  2. Diffusers – We put diffusers in every corner of our home. I feel like each room requires a different scent. In the kitchen we usually pump Purity or Citrus Fresh to get rid of any funky smells from cooking. In the bedrooms, you’ll usually find Lavender or Peace and Calming. In the Living Room, I like to diffuse Family for a scent of togetherness or a mix of Orange, Grapefruit and Geranium to make it smell like Anthropologie.
  3. Topically – It’s super important with oils that you always use a carrier oil with them when applying topically. The best thing about KidScents is that they’re already mixed, so they’re amazing for busy mamas like us. We use SniffleEase on the kids chests at night when they have a little cold and it works so much better than Vicks. My husband likes to rub Peppermint on his temples when he feels a headache coming on and it really helps. Whenever I’m feeling like I need a little mood boost, I rub a little Joy over my heart and suddenly feel a little more uplifted.

If you don’t already use oils, but have considered it & want to know more, I recommend checking out Young Living and becoming a wholesale member so you can save 24% on any oils you place. No subscription is required so you can order only what you want, when you want and you can be confident in knowing that the oils you are receiving are pure.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to email me as well. I’d love to help in any way that I can!

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