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This post was sponsored by Project Nursery. All designs and opinions are my own.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a spare room magically appeared every time you added a new member to your family? I would pay extra for that! When I found out I was pregnant with Kamryn (our 4th), Cason was only 9 months old. Being our first rainbow baby, I was invested in his nursery, so as you could imagine, I wasn’t quick moved to take it all down and put together a new one. Even if she was our first girl.

For a quick refresher you can see the BEFORE of this space here.

When Project Nursery approached me about working on Kamryn’s room, it was just the little push I needed in order to embrace the fact that 1) YES! I was in fact finally having a girl and 2) I can totally make this whole his + hers space work. I can honestly say, I’m so happy that I just went with it. Really honing in on the both of their personalities, and not paying any mind to having to coordinate looks, was exactly what my interior design loving heart needed.

This is the view from the door. We live in a Charleston-style home with a double front porch so each bedroom has this extra door leading to the outside smack dab in the middle of it. It can be a blessing and a curse. In this case, I used the door to my benefit by using it to split the room in half, really designating a HIS + HERS space for the babies. Since we’re dealing with two different decor styles in the same room, I decided to make this reveal TWO parts.

So, let’s dive right into Kamryn’s side of the room (all sources will be noted at the end):

Fela Pendant Light

The inspiration from her area came solely from these twin art pairings (1 + 2) from Minted. I absolutely loved them and knew I had to have them when browsing for another room of the house. My plan was to just store them until she had her own room, but when we started designing the nursery space, I absolutely loved how they looked against this desert rose wallpaper. They both had the same muted colors, but one was modern and one was overly sweet. That juxta position mixed with a little Boho whimsy really spoke to me when imagining what Kamryn’s personality would be.

When my mom came into town for Kamryn’s birth, she brought with her a few of my well-loved childhood dolls + furniture. ALL THE FEELS. This wooden rocking horse and cradle are from when I was a little girl. There’s something so incredibly special with being able to hand them down to my daughter for her room and I’m still kind of pinching myself about that! I can’t wait to be able to play with them with Kami and show her all of the things I used to do with my dollies. The pink Olli Ella Suitcase was something I picked up for her to use to store all of the doll clothes and accessories in. I was dying when I first opened the package! It’s literally the perfect size for a toddler to cart around and I just imagined what she would be like when the time comes for her to be tugging that behind her around the house.

Anyway, I spent so much time being able to bring my vision to life and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. All of the sources are noted directly at the bottom of this page. If you have any additional room questions I didn’t cover in the post, I am happy to answer in the comments or feel free to DM me on insta. But, let’s get back to the decor for now …

That toddler sized designer purse though……

Needless to say, I really enjoyed shopping for this space and the finished product is everything I had hoped it would be for my baby girl. It helps that I finally got to incorporate the color pink.

Kamryn – 

I hope this room is filled with amazing memories you’ll always carry with you. I hope it brings joy and endless little girl fun, like daddy-daughter tea parties, poufy spinning dresses, and rocking your doll babies to sleep. Above all, I hope you always feel the love your mommy has for you, little girl. Xo


CRIB AREA: Fela Wall Pendant | Jenny Lind Crib | Crib Sheet | Crib Skirt | Area Rug | Swan Nightlight | Crib Mattress |Dotted Pillow Cover | Sun Pillow Cover | Cloud Fur Rug

ROCKER CORNER: Rocking Chair | Macrame Stool | LampPlanter | Curtains| Wood ShelfBirth Poster | Large Frame |Pillow | Pigeon Book | Giraffe Plush | Pig Plush | Small Art | Mini Suitcase| Lidded Basket

Head over to PART 2 of this feature to see the other side of the room, Cason’s toddler haven. In his space we up-cycled his nursery decor to give him a more updated toddler space for my new found big boy!


Tubby Todd

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