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A big thanks to The Container Store for partnering on this project! As always, all opinions are my own.

Despite our new build being considered semi-custom, the one caveat about our floor plan was the size of our master closets. In the old house, we had one really large closet that we shared. Although the size of these new ones left a lot to be desired, I was just thrilled to be getting a space of my own. I truthfully don’t own a lot of designer purses or heels and most of my wardrobe consists of bathing suits and shorts, so limited space wasn’t a problem, it just needed to be used wisely.

Our builder had plans to install a single shelf with rods, so I knew going the custom route was the way to go. Even though the actual square footage wasn’t ideal, we do have the advantage of high ceilings and installing a single shelf style wasn’t utilizing the space wisely. We needed to go UP to maximize our storage and I wanted a system that was modular so we had the flexibility to change it as we saw fit. Custom typically means $$$, but I was so so excited to find something that didn’t break the bank and checked all of our boxes for what we wanted in a closet.

We went with the Elfa Décor style for our main closet, but the best part about The Container Store’s Elfa Custom Closets are that they have a solution for anyone no matter the size, style, or budget of your space. Designing it was a lot of fun, too! They make it really simple: you can use their online design tool, utilize their Virtual In-Home Closet Design service, meet with a designer in-store, or meet with a designer in your home. We worked with the team online, finalized the design and then set up a date for install (you can choose to either hire them to install it or install yourself). Since we had two closets, the install did take most of the day, but the installer was efficient, followed COVID-precautions in our home and we were ultimately really happy with his work! Here’s a quick glance at our initial design for my ‘hers’ closet based on the measurements I provided –

I was really excited about the full vanity being the focal point to the space and having a set of drawers for my intimates, socks, and work-out gear. The mirror and valet with accessory shelf was the perfect thing to really set-off the space and I love having a designated area for all of my jewelry and fragrances. It’s honestly like my hub station, where I begin and end my days!

Next up are the full renderings – I love a good before & after! The designer was able to render up the finished closets so I could really imagine what the final look would be. I found it extremely helpful to be able to imagine everything, like my shoes and dresses, within the closet. That way it was easy to see if we had all of our bases covered as far as storage goes and we could talk about what I felt I may need more room for. The one thing that was important to me was adding in the long hang toward the back of the closet for my dresses, skirts and jumpsuits, but I also wanted to prioritize making it long enough to store my wedding dress. Love that we were able to make that happen!


If you aren’t familiar with how the Elfa systems work, they’re a little different than most because everything hangs off the single top track at the top of the closet. There are a couple of vertical bars that hang down and each shelf, drawer, bracket — everything — hangs off of those. It makes it an easier install, hard to mess up, and gives you the ability to switch things up as your needs evolve. I could change our entire setup whenever needed, no problem. If I don’t need drawers anymore but need more shoe pull-outs, it’s a simple switch. We had the white and birch closet systems installed and I absolutely love the overall look and quality. Because of my Elfa closet, I’m more organized and I spend less time looking for things to wear in the morning. My closet has literally saved me so much time and I can see everything I own right in front of my face. Priceless!

I went ahead and swapped out our builder grade can light for this shmancy one to really set-off the space. Swapping out lighting is such an easy thing to do and it always makes me incredibly happy to watch the space transform with something so simple. These storage bins are being used for things like bathing suits, my clutches, old maternity pieces, and winter accessories. I like that I can tuck them up higher since I don’t need access to them everyday and using all the same style keeps the uniform look I was looking for.

You can shop our exact storage bins, hangers and accessories at the end of this post!


I wanted to keep our styles consistent, yet different so I really played up the masculine look in his closet. Same storage, but gray. Black wood hangers for a more rugged vibe. He also has a window, which I’m a little jealous of all that natural light, but it meant we were limited with hanging space. Luckily James preferred more drawers for things like his workout gear rather than rods, so we lucked out. He also wanted open shelving to fold his hoodies and joggers. We went with a smaller drawer on top to act as his valet, which is where he keeps all of his ties, belts and watches.

The slim uniform hangers were a must in our closets. With everything at the same height, they make it really easy to see everything, not to mention they save a TON of space. If you’ve never experienced them, they’ll certainly make you want to purge all of those white plastic hangers. We went with the black wood for James’ closet for that more masculine vibe and I wasn’t sure if I’d love the clear for my closet, but they totally won me over. I’m obsessed with how much they elevated my closet!

We both chose these pull-out drawers for our shoe storage since we’re definitely more of the casual sneakers and sandals type. Also, living in a warmer climate like Charleston means we don’t have much for the colder months, so not a lot of boots or snow apparel either. These are great in the sense that if we ever need to change them out to a drawer or shelf, it makes it even more flexible. Installing these definitely made my husband realize how little he actually owns. We did a lot of purging when we moved and we realized there was SO much shoved to the back of our old closet that we hadn’t worn in almost 10 years. This left both of us with a slim start, which I actually enjoy. Time to go shopping!

It’s honestly been the most amazing, affordable closet transformation and we couldn’t be happier with our ELFA systems! The Container Store is having a HUGE sale on Closet Essentials through May 26th. They have all the storage and organization items you need to maximize space in your closet no matter what your style! What’s one closet must have that’s non-negotiable for you? Leave it in the comments and you can find all of our closet components linked in the shop the post below.


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