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First of all, I can’t believe my baby is just 2 months shy of starting solids. Can someone please PINCH ME?!

It seems high chairs have been on my mind a lot lately and it only makes sense since there’s so many things to consider when purchasing one. I know, I’ve been through 4 alone just between Aden and Hudson. When we registered as first time parents with Aden, my only concern was finding one that fit in seamlessly with the rest of the furniture in my house. Since it was going to become a pretty permanent fixture for 2+ years, I was not going to have a big honkin’ thing of cheap white plastic sitting out and burning my eyes. SO first time parent of me, don’t you think? Anyway, we ultimately registered for the Oxo Sprout. While it was nice to look at with the solid wood legs and muted neutral faux leather seat, it was a b*tch to keep clean. There were so many little crevices that were a breeding ground for smashed peas, crusty milk and the bane of my existence, red marinara sauce. Needless to say, it looked like a hot dang mess in just a few short months and was tossed out as soon as Aden was big enough to sit at the table with us. Couldn’t come soon enough…. really.

With Hudson, we went for the Stokke Tripp Trapp in white. White….. what was I thinking? AGAIN. I eliminated the problem with hard to clean crevasses with it’s streamlined aesthetic, but I never took into consideration comfort and ease of use. Not only that, but every important piece that you would need from a high chair (ie. tray, baby seat, etc), was actually sold separately. Say what?! Still really love this seat, but it definitely is better suited for a toddler that can sit up to the table.

oh, hey, Micuna. Where have you been all my life?!

Lessons learned – these are the 5 main things I’m looking for in my next high chair.

  1. ease of clean
  2. comfort for baby
  3. design aesthetic (doesn’t hurt!)
  4. transitional piece that can easily convert from 5m to 2+ years
  5. compact floor space

The overall winner for me this go ’round was the Micuna Ovo Max City High Chair. Let’s review:

Ease of Clean

Right off the bat, this thing is a winner. It’s black! Black hides everything, that’s only a known fact, so the wipe-ability factor on this chair alone is through the roof. Also important to note: no weird crevasses to clean. Bonus points!


With the footrest and removable padded seat with a five-point harness, Cason will have a soft and chic place to sit for mealtimes. I’m also totally in love with the leather straps!


This is such a beautiful chair that I don’t mind it being in the center of my kitchen or dining room. The colors, quality and solid beech wood frame completely exceed my expectations in a baby high chair.


As Cason grows, this piece can effortlessly convert from a high chair to an elegant desk chair by removing the feet and each high chair piece. Being that it’s so dang pretty, I don’t think I’ll easily toss this one away when we’re done with it.


With dimensions of 19.75″ wide x 21″ long x 33.5″ high, this chair is as compact as they come. It’s a full sized chair that takes little space in comparison.

So, because nothing’s perfect, there’s got to be CONS unfortunately. My only negative is that the tray table is fixed. It can be removed but while attached it has to stay in the position off to the right. I only wish it could be moved around on the frame with a swivel since it does kind of get in the way a bit. It’s also a bit pricey, so if you’re willing to splurge for a really beautiful piece than this one’s worth checking out!

I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot more this beautiful chair, not only around my home, but as Cason grows. Stay tuned!

Thank you to Micuna USA  for providing product for today’s post. All opinions are 100% my own.

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