Heading Back to School with Carmex Lip Balm

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School will officially be back in session for everyone before you know it and aside from all of the standard essentials to get through the school year, it's also just as important to stock up on things that protect you as well. Not only have I been stocking my life supply with hand sanitizer, I've also been making sure all of our bags are loaded up with Carmex lip balms, because there is NOTHING worse than being stuck with chapped lips. 

Although I've had my share of going to school, we all know if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy and if there's one thing that puts a damper on my mood it's dry, chapped lips. Especially during pick-up and drop-off. That's why I like to keep a lip balm in every little essential place, like my car, purse and drawers at home. I have tried the gamut of lip balms out there and I always found myself coming back to Carmex. Unlike other brands I have tried, this actually soothes, smooths and moisturizes without the need to continuously reapply hour after hour. It's the only brand that works for me! While Carmex has several products in their lip balm line, my two personal favorites are the new Comfort Care Colloidal Oatmeal Lip Balm and the Classic Lip Balm Jar

The Carmex Comfort Care Lip Balm is formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal which has been used for centuries to soothe the lips and promote softer, more hydrated skin. My boys are crazy over the Watermelon Blast flavor and I don't mind because the best thing about Carmex is it's Petroleum and Paraben-free. Monkey see, monkey do in our house and they'd never let me get away with doing something without them wanting to do it, too. For kids a little bit older, be sure to include Carmex products on your back-to-school shopping lists! 

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Thanks to Carmex for sponsoring this post and getting us ready for the new school year ahead! The Carmex lip balm line is available at most retail stores and retails for under $5. I've also linked some of my favorite striped backpacks for Fall below. Here's to a great start to the school year!

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  • Victoria Heckstall on

    It sounds so cool products. It is good especially in winter where our lips are so dry. Its so nice because it can also be use for children. I think Carmex is good lip care.

  • Jeanine on

    My oldest and girls constantly have to have lip balm with them. The school is no exception. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll have to pick some up!

  • AnnMarie John on

    I’ve always used carmex especially since they have the best products and they are reliable. I think it’s the perfect back to school accessory for the kids who suffer from chapped or dry lips.

  • Lily Ashley on

    I have never heard about carmex but it looks a great product. I would try this one soon. And i am excited that my children are getting back in school.

  • Censie Sawyer on

    Carmex has always been something that I carry with me in my purse or backpack. Even as a younger child I used it at school. It is the best. We have not tried the new watermelon yet. Need too!

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