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As a mother of two boys, I am overly familiar with living a life of nonstop energy and messes. The movies don’t exaggerate much when they portray a frazzled mom barely keeping up with the energy of her son. Sometimes I feel like my life could be straight out of a movie, complete with the sound effects and impossible scenarios.

I love my sons to pieces and appreciate that they keep me on my toes. Hey, at least with boys I get my exercise in for the day without even realizing it or having to go to the gym. No need for a cute exercise outfit or anything of the sort. Just wake up and hit the ground exercising…that’s life with boys.

Thankfully, we just got past the potty training stage with both of them. However, I still have my youngest who relies on overnight coverage. I know all of us mamas have that one diaper and wipes brand we have grown to trust. We went down the road of using Pull-ups, but that just got expensive. Then someone recommended to me Comforts™ Diapers and I figured it was worth a shot. They’re soft and perfectly comfortable to sleep in and I don’t have to worry about gapping or them just not fitting right resulting in a middle of the night accident. They’re absorbent enough to handle overnight leaks which saves me a ton of laundry. What mom wouldn’t want to reduce her laundry load, am I right? Laundry is the worst! Right up there with scrubbing the bath tub. They also have a really soft outer cover & feel, so Hudson doesn’t even feel like he’s wearing a baby diaper. Let me quote him as saying, “mom, they’re soft, just like undies!” I think that’s a win, ladies.

Comforts™ not only has stellar diapers but amazing wipes as well. I feel like I could say the wipes are my new best friend. I take them everywhere with me and we use them for much more than just cleaning bums. Not only are they soft and easy on a little bottom but they’re great for dropping in my purse and carrying in the car as well. Normal napkins can be just as rough on a babe’s face as toilet paper can be to their rear ends. So, using them for messy faces, hands, and well, the whole body, can totally be necessary when out and about with the kids. Comforts™ Wipes come in fragrance free, sensitive and scented varieties with a quilted-Thick or soft-cushiony cloth-like feel. I also really love that all of the Comfort wipes are alcohol free, paraben free, hypoallergenic and moisturizing with aloe & vitamin E. That sure gets major points from me now-a-days!

 bag c/o RylaPack

So, now it’s bye bye expensive pull-ups and hello to the new answer for our overnight dryness prayers – Comforts™ diapers. They even have a coupon that I can share – grab your coupon here, which saves you even more money! You’re welcome. Check them out and let me know what you think below.

This post was sponsored by Comforts™.

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