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We recently had our fourth baby which means we’re having to get creative with our bedroom spaces. The older boys share a room and their closet is completely out of control! I was thrilled when Wayfair wanted to partner on a post for the new year about organization since I had really been wanting to reign it back in with a new closet system that not only streamlines their stuff, but also promotes a little more independence. I’m looking forward to our mornings going a bit smoother and I know they’re excited about being able to dress themselves. Win freaking win, guys!

Let me start with showing you the BEFORE:

And now, the AFTER:

I’m literally so freaking happy about how it turned out. When they call these things closet “systems” they aren’t kidding! It put an awesome system in place where everything is categorized and easy to see. The boys know exactly where everything is, which helps A LOT, and it also makes it soooo much easier for my husband at bedtime. Not to mention, I’m not as overwhelmed about putting their clean laundry away, which means I’ll actually have it done within a few days now instead of weeks.

The best part about this system is that it’s totally customizable. There’s so many accessory options that you can add as you go along to fit your needs. I ended up adding this deep basket and a pull-out drawer to contain some of their harder to fold items, like swimsuits, socks and underwear.

We tend to keep all of our shoes downstairs in our mud room, but in the future, I think I may want to add these shoe shelves to the bottom of the closet for them.

The install was fairly easy and my husband had it finished in a few hours. The hardest part was having to cut down the aluminum poles to size. The system is adjustable, so we were able to customize it to not only fit in the space we had, but also position the shelving and hanging space to work for us.

Here’s a shopping list of what pieces we installed in the boys’ closet:

We love this so much that I’m pretty sure we’re going to go ahead and do it in the little ones’ closet, too. I feel like I’m in full on nesting mode, which I missed this last pregnancy. Here’s to more organization for 2020!

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