Friday Faves: Sleeper Hero

Sleep is HUGE around here, you guys. I can't function on anything less than 6 hours or it's just not good for any of us. My boys varied with their sleep styles. My first born, Aden, was the most difficult baby when it came to bedtime, but thankfully became a champ by the time his brother made his arrival at 15 months. Hudson, on the other hand, has been a sleep blessing since birth. I used to joke that he must've known what his mama could handle, and two babies that didn't sleep was so not in my cards. I can always count on him to tell me when he needs a nap or even will take himself to bed as he got a little bit older. I will never take that for granted, believe me!

Since both boys are so close in age, as we got into their toddler years, we realized they would benefit being in the same room together. They would always ask to do "sleepovers" in each others beds and their little night anxieties about monsters lurking in the shadows started becoming more consistent. Having each other close-by has done amazing things for them, but what we weren't prepared for was the new schedules they would develop from being together.

I say schedules loosely, so let me be real for a second. They now wake up at the crack of dawn and find their way into my bedroom asking for pancakes by 5:30am. That's no bueno for this mama! If they didn't find their way into my room, they'd find their way into major trouble, like stuffing toys down the toilet and making it over-flow to the first floor. It was time for me to take some serious action and find a way to get them to stay in their rooms for as long as possible!

I had heard of a new product called Sleeper Hero and I loved the concept. Just like most boys, my kids love anything super hero, so I was thoroughly convinced that this thing was made for our family.  It comes in a cute box with a little book that talks about how scary it can be to sleep without your parents. The story itself is really funny and my boys immediately asked me to read it again when it was over. My two year old, Hudson, thought it was the coolest thing ever seeing his new guy on the pages of the book. We gave our new heroes the names "Chuck" and "Fred" before I tucked them into bed with them. Here was hoping for the best!

So, let me explain how it works. The hero has a built in timer that is red to let them know to stay in bed (or go back to sleep) + it turns green when it’s time to come find Mom and Dad. My boys are a little too young right now for a clock, so the light is the perfect indicator for them to understand. The story book also explains that your hero is there to protect you from all the scary stuff in your room, so it serves double duty. Let's just say this thing is an answer to your sleepless prayers!

We've been using the Sleeper Hero for a few weeks now and it's worked like a gem. The boys are finding it easier to doze off at night with the added security of their little heroes watching out for them and the light has served it's purpose with getting them to stay in their room for just a little bit longer in the mornings. I'm now fully refreshed to start my days with the absence of my 5am pancake calls, so we're all feeling a little bit more put together now.

I sent a thank you email out to the makers to let them know how much I believe in their product and how it's already changed our life here at home and they kindly offered me a special code to share with my readers to get one for themselves! Use code LAC20 for 20% OFF your very own Sleeper Hero to get some sleep help at your house. 

To find out more about Sleeper Hero you can visit them online or find them on social media via Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram

We received product from Sleeper Hero in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. 

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  • Mary Todd on

    I’d never heard of these, but they are exactly what my boys need too! Thank you!

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