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It’s been a busy month for us. With all of this warm weather, it feels like things just took off and we’ve been playing catch up ever since. It hasn’t been bad, though—it’s been wonderful and feels normal. The average family is going to be busy, especially when more than one child is involved. That just means memories are being made, right? We like to “do us” and make memories in the process. Plainly put, we like to keep life active, but simple. Just because a family is busy doesn’t mean that life has to be complicated in the process. We firmly believe that keeping life active but simple reduces the stress for the entire family.

We’ve always loved being average in that we don’t need a lot of “extra” to be happy. We try to keep our home simple, clean, and inviting. Since we have various ages in the house, we also like to keep everything safe and “all ages” so there’s never a worry. Some people shy away from that word “average” because it somehow means “not special.” We take it to mean that we’re just simple people and that’s why we love The Bali Market so much. Their mission fits our family to a T. They simply want to connect with younger families in a way that encourages them to live simpler more organized lives. They want their products to be a joyful purchase while also providing a product that fits a family of all ages. In other words, one product can be used for the entire family and all the needs are met.

I’m currently using their Classic Turkish Towels and I’ve fallen in love. Not only do I fully support and understand The Bali Market’s mission but I feel like their products were made for my family. Not only are these towels less bulky than your standard bath towel but they’re definitely universal as well. We use ours, for the most part, in the bathroom. However, I take mine with me to the beach every time we go. These towels are made out of 100% Turkish cotton so they’re much softer than your traditional towel. Not to mention, since they’re less bulky, they fit in smaller spaces when storing them in between uses.

One of my favorite things about these Turkish towels is their simple colors and designs. They have colors that easily match all those calming and neutral colors that are often chosen for bathrooms or homes in general. I went with the air blue and stripes because it matches are bathroom beautifully. However, they also offer plain colors, an aztec design, or another version of the striped design. Again, this company keeps things simple which matches their mission and our family perfectly. We have thoroughly enjoyed finding a company with products that match us in a way we didn’t think possible. 

To find out more about The Bali Market you can visit them online and to keep yourself in the loop about the latest product releases, you can find them on social media via Facebook  | Pinterest | Instagram.


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