Family Travels: Magnolia Market Bound, Part 2

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So, we went over some of the major details of Magnolia, but what about the minor? The booth space, the time we spent, and what kept us all alive during the very hectic four days. I know it's killing you, right? ;)

We'll start first with the booth. Set-up was a little challenging since we traveled so far and so much of what took up space in our car was the inventory itself. It's funny how it works. When everything is all packed up, it looks like I'm moving out, but when it's all set up and ready for retail, well... it doesn't look like much. Fortunately, for sales, it was perfect and we did amazing! It was absolutely a game changer, but that didn't mean we didn't find a pair of Bummies or two shoved in the  glove compartment. Hey, you do what you gotta do!

For the booth design, I felt a little "when in Rome", so I went with that rustic natural vibe that fit the aesthetic of our neighbors, the Silos, and kept our product the focus. Clean and organic, which actually suited us perfectly. If I could do it again, I definitely learned so much from the flow of the space with shoppers. I would change a few things and maybe utilize the back wall a little better. I can admit that I'm better at the design details and less about the function. Also note to self: signs don't hang on their own. Now to the pretty pictures:

Oh and here I almost forgot the most important part - Me! I hate taking photos, but felt like maybe I needed on for the album. After all, this was an experience I never wanted to forget. Here I am in all my glory...

Wood sign by The Trendy Timber

I'm sure you're wondering what my family did when they weren't schmoozing with our customers. The boys not only enjoyed the majority of their time on the lawn - as featured in the last post here - but, they also found the Seed & Supply a match made in heaven for two dirty little toddler boys. My little young gardeners, makes my heart melt. They also met a ton of new friends and kept busy as evidence below.

Last but not least, behind every successful traveler is one amazing suitcase. I couldn't have survived Waco without my Away Travel luggage. It's the ultimate smart luggage and I'm working on a big detailed post to give you more info so you can truly see how awesome it is. So stay tuned!

Thank you to Away Travel and thank you for supporting the brands that help us to keep bigger & better blog posts coming straight to you! 


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  • brianne on

    What a cute little shop! I must check out these clothes for my kiddies!

  • Kiwi on

    I heard of Away Luggage. Looks amazing and I am considering get this brand for my international travels.

  • Rachel Ferrucci on

    I love all of this. You look like a star in your pop up store. Your boys are adorable, looks like it was a fun time.

  • Janell Poulette on

    This looks like it was such a fun little market! I would love to buy something from your shop! These clothes look adorable.

  • Carol Cassara on

    It’s such a nice way to spend your day, exploring and going around the market. I love that there’s plenty of things to see here!

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