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Hey guys! It’s been awhile. Life the past few months has looked quite different for all of us, but in addition to quarantining and learning to do everything virtually, we decided to buy and sell a house. Not just buy any house, but BUILD a house! I know, what a CRAZY idea. We weren’t really looking, but one thing led to another and here we are. So far everything has worked out really well, like really well, so we’re just really grateful for the opportunity and excited for our next chapter.

The house is set to be finished around the holidays, so I’ve been having a lot of fun designing each room and really making it a home for us. The most exciting part is we’ll finally have the space we so desperately need for our family, with each kid getting their own room and a separate upstairs loft area for them to have their own hang-out space. With so many bedrooms to furnish, I figured I’d share with you the magic formula I’ve come up with to make sure each one is as pulled together as possible starting with just 3 basic things.

The key here is that if you focus your attention to these 3 key items, any bedroom will look like it’s been professionally done with little effort on your part. There’s also a bonus item, but I’ll share that with you at the end.



I’m a big fan of a bed with height and drama. Unfortunately, anything that fits that criteria is typically way out of my budget. So, my answer was to find something that gave me the look I wanted to achieve, but with a more reasonable price tag. Purchasing just a headboard and frame ended up being the answer! Believe it or not, a king size upholstered headboard is pretty reasonable and getting one with studs or tufting helps to make your bed look expensive without the high price tag. I happen to love this one with the arch details in the cream linen, but you can find so many more headboard options HERE.


Next up, bedding. I love to work in layers, starting with a really strong foundation – the sheets! A good sheet can set the tone for your entire bed experience, so it’s worth investing in a sheet set that has a higher thread count or a good quality fiber. I’m partial to bamboo or linen when it comes to mine. They’re both so worn in and soft the minute you take them out of the dryer and they literally make your bed feel like a cloud, which ends up promoting better sleep. There’s also a reason hotels stick with the crisp white bed linens – they’re not only easy to keep clean, but they always look brand new, no matter how many times you wash them. Keeping them white also makes it look more expensive, so just by choosing a white set over say, gray, will make your bedroom instantly look upscale. I happen to love this linen set that I just scooped up for ours!

PLUSH RUGA rug can most definitely make or break a space! In the bedroom, I usually go for something more plush to up the coziness in our Master and in the kids’ rooms to encourage them to get down and play. Some of my favorites are the more Moroccan style shags. It’s important that your rug is large enough to fit halfway under the bed and  extend outward to fill up half of the floor space beyond the footboard. A rug that is too small can derail the whole room. As a general rule of thumb, for a king or queen sized bed, a 9×12 foot rug is ideal if you have a bench that sits at the foot of the bed. If you don’t, then an 8x10ft rug should suffice. For a full or twin sized bed, you should aim for a 6×9 foot rug or bigger. Here’s a great diagram for placement that I found on Pinterest!

source: Pinterest 

End of Bed Bench 

So the very last thing, the *bonus* item that you’ve all been waiting for is……. PAINT. Paint can totally transform a room. Our builder is only allowing us one color for the entire house. SO BASIC! So, I’m making sure to pick color swatches for each of the main rooms, even if it’s a different shade of white! Just look at some of these examples of how paint completely made the room –

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

Weren’t those rooms gorgeous?! I have found so many great paint ideas on Pinterest and lately, I’m a total sucker for a dark moody feature wall! I have big plans to do dark walls in all of the boys’ bedrooms. Here’s some tips for making a dark wall color work:

  • Opt for simple bedding and offset the deep hue by sticking with light colored furniture pieces.
  • When in doubt, offset all of the darkness with light & airy window treatments.
  • And above all, keep your color palette minimal – only use one or two shades within the room.

Can’t wait to share more with you all throughout this home building process! What are some of your favorite design tips when it comes to decor in your house?

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