Kid-Friendly Dining with Dash & Albert

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Dinner at our house doesn’t always go smoothly. When you have children, it feels like pretty much everything can end up being a bumpy ride eventually. Something as little as running into the store for one item can be an hour-long fiasco because the mood of your child could change plans in a heartbeat. In fact, it feels like your child could change the course of history sometimes. If you’re a parent, you definitely know this is no exaggeration. Those little dictators totally have the power to rule the house if they so choose to.


Back to dinner, or any moment in the day that involves your children in the kitchen. Our kitchen is a high traffic area. It seems that’s where I am most of the day and since I’m there, that’s where you will find my children as well. Where you find my children, you will find messes. There was a point in my life where I felt that owning something such as carpet or rugs would be impossible, especially if it was in my dining room. Let’s face it, that whole no-so-smooth dinner thing I referred to, that’s a real thing. Kids spilling things, dropping food, throwing fits because they want dessert but aren’t hungry for dinner…parents, are you reminiscing yet?

 Dash & Albert Platinum/White Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Striped Basket & Planter, Ikea

My children dictated whether or not I would choose to buy a rug for a certain room because there was no doubt in my mind that rug would end up useless in 24 hours. Ok, maybe that’s a dramatic amount of time but as a mom, it definitely feels like your kids have little laser eyes for the nice or new things in the house and their little robot mission is to destroy them.

Eames Kid-sized Chairs, Hobby Lobby / Table, Ikea

One day I decided to heck with it and I got an Annie Selke’s Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug to see if it would last the night. The rug ended up in the kitchen—my ultimate test of its durability. This rug not only lasted the night but it’s still around and if it could talk, it could tell you many tales of our kitchen escapades, you know, those not-so-smooth dinner times. These Dash & Albert rugs are definitely built to withstand some traffic and my favorite part is that I don’t have to take it outside and beat it like an old house maid to get it clean. Plus, if food ends up in any rug, there’s no taking it outside and beating it to get it clean and there’s no chance you’re washing it without it ending up in an odd shape or multiple pieces. That’s definitely not this case with this rug.

 Threshold Geo-Shaped Shelves, Target

I know I can’t be the only parent that has an item that somehow makes parenting feel just a bit easier. What’s your most recent parenting “score” like my new Dash & Albert rug?


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  • Rachel Ferrucci on

    I love the rug! The room looks beautiful. I need to check them out since I’m redesigning a bedroom into an office!

  • Kecia on

    Very nice rug. I don’t know how comfortable I would feel about putting a rug under the dining room table with my 6 and 3 year olds. It looks great though!

  • Annemarie LeBlanc on

    I love the whole set up of this dining room. Everything is color coordinated and very neat. I can relate to your indecision of getting a rug or not. We did get a rug when the kids were young, but it was of a darker color. :)

  • Our family world on

    I love the setup! Very cleany and classy. Totally awesome and great. Good organize of furnitures. Love it!

  • Shannon Graham on

    I am in love with your kitchen. I don’t have kids but I DO have dogs and I have wished many times that my rugs were easier to clean. These sound like they’re right up my alley.

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