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Ok guys, I am beyond excited to share this one with you!  You know I highlight some great products here, because I always want to keep you "in the know" and help you support deserving small businesses, but this one has an added component that gives me all the feels.  Cuddle + Kind has given…wait for it…over 272,000 meals to children in need!  Even more (as if there needs to be more), each heirloom doll is hand-knit through sustainable, fair-trade practices.  The family behind this brand is just as sweet as you are picturing them to be.  This Fab-5 truly cares about what they are doing and the means by which they get there.  They got the idea for their give-back business after watching a documentary on childhood hunger and its far-reaching ramifications.  And so, Cuddle + Kind was born!

Cuddle + Kind was kind enough to send my boys two of their precious dolls, Benedict the Bunny and Maximus the Cat.  Can I just tell you what a bonus it is when companies think to make dolls that boys like too?!  At first glance, I loved the vibrant colors and how well-made they are.  I can see these standing up to my rough and tumble boys dragging them around non-stop - which they are doing at this very moment because they don't want to let them out of their sight!   Benny and Max, as the boys dubbed them, have joined us at the breakfast table, in the backyard for playtime, out on errands, and of course for story time and bed.  My youngest especially loves soothing with the soft cotton fabric and my older son is constantly contorting the flexible limbs into various acrobatic positions.  To say the dolls are a hit with the target audience would be an understatement!

In addition to the various adorable doll choices (I’ll be honest, I have my eye on the mermaid), they also have some pretty sweet prints.  Some of the prints feature the doll characters, so if your little one has a favorite that’s a great way to complete their collection with a meaningful message!  The prints have the same deal, except they provide 5 meals each instead of the 10 each the dolls provide.  And they didn’t forget to make these environmentally friendly and Forestry Stewardship Council Certified in the process.

It’s not often you find a high-quality product that gives back in so many ways and is still such a hit with the kids.  In my house it’s even opened up a dialogue about being a helper to others.  My oldest now wants to give the dolls as gifts to his friends so they can enjoy them and so he can help give meals to other kids.  Talk about a touch-my-heart mom moment!  And I will say, I think he has the right idea.  Head on over to Cuddle + Kind to find out even more details and check out their entire collection.  Sweet Dreams…


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