Charleston Staycation: Sullivan’s Island with Bumbleride


It’s another installment of our Staycation series on the blog showcasing some of our personal favorites around our little bit of paradise, here in Charleston, South Carolina. (If you’re not too familiar with the holy city already, be sure to read up more about our home and one of the best city’s in the South, thanks to Southern Living.) You can also catch up in the series by reading the other two posts here and here.

 We received product from Bumbleride in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and completely my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

So here we are, just 3 weeks shy of September being here. School is soon to be starting and this precious summer is dwindling into it’s final days. Our first staycation in Charleston has been a blast and it was really nice getting to focus on spending a little more QT with our city. You know sometimes when you’re too close to something, it takes taking a second look to appreciate what you have. Doing this staycation series has made us realize how even more amazing it is to live where we live. Between the Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island, there’s a little known space called Breach Inlet. The area on it’s west side is known as Thomson Park, which is a historical landmark from a site during the Revolutionary War battle.

On June 28, 1776, just days before the Declaration of Independence was drafted, a very important battled waged just off Sullivan’s Island. This came to be known as the Battle of Sullivan’s Island (the source of Carolina Day) and was the first battle in the Revolutionary War in which the Patriots successfully repulsed a British sea and land invasion. Now, that I’ve given you a little history lesson, let me tell you how amazing this place is to walk around or relax in the sun. It’s also a popular fishing spot, although the water is definitely not safe for swimming due to the strong currents that come from under the bridge. The highway bridge crosses over the inlet and also has sidewalks and bike lanes, if that’s you’re thing. (As previously mentioned, y’all know that’s definitely not my thing.) 

I happen to like to stare at the number of very expensive homes in the surrounding neighborhoods overlooking the beach. You know, a girl can dream. My kids on the other-hand, thoroughly enjoy chasing the birds and running straight to the water, which is why bringing a stroller with us is like, mom game, rule no.1. It’s much easier to wrangle the monkeys when you have a rugged, but stylish double stroller that can handle whatever you (or they) throw out.

Imagine how perfect this adventure was when Bumbleride shared with our family their latest version of the Indie Twin. Y’all…this stroller is solid! It’s incredibly well-built, so much that it just became my husband’s new best friend. It even has every bit of luxury for me, with the new Camp Green color that literally matches my soul. (Although I chose blush for this particular day, olive tends to be my uniform of choice.) It also has very little plastic, the base is completely aluminum, which is key for a stroller like this. It’s sturdy and truly built for all-terrain, yet it only weighs 34lbs, so it folds up easily for you to take with you. The wheels are also wide enough to roll through sand on a trail or across stretches of a beach. I’m happy to report that we have done all of this with our Indie Twin and it handled it with ease.   

There are so many great features about this stroller, so I’ll just share with you a few of my favorites. The seats. Not only do they fully recline, but they’re so comfortable that I want to crawl in there. And with the huge sun canopy being able to fold down super duper low, you wouldn’t even know if I was! (Just a thought..) The storage basket is oversized and easily accessible which means I can store all the things, like when the kids decide their shoes are no longer wanted or a much necessary stash of snacks. And let’s talk steering, which to me is the most important factor when it comes to a good stroller. I need to be able to steer with one hand without issue and the Indie Twin excels at it. It’s so easy to control while still holding your coffee, which as we all know, is a necessity. 

I’ve had so much fun documenting our staycations around Charleston, SC for you. Thanks for following along and I hope you were able to get a better local glimpse into what makes this town so special to those that call it home.

To learn more about the Bumbleride Indie Twin or any of the amazing strollers in the Bumbleride family, be sure to check them out on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest.  

Thank you to Bumbleride for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

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