Clean Floors, Clean Heart: bObi Sweep Review

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I can remember years and years ago joking around with friends about wanting appliances that ran themselves. A laundry machine that folded clothes, a stove that picked what was for dinner, prepped it and then told me when it was done and of course a vacuum that would clean my house on its own. Well friends, I may not have a self-folding laundry machine, but I now have a vacuum that will clean my floors all by its self. I have a bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum!

The bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum is my new best friend. She doesn't just vacuum my house. She eliminates all traces of furry follicles as it vacuums, sweeps, mops, filters, and disinfects the floor — all at the same time. We use the "heavy-duty" brush and bObi gets all our crumbs and pet hair up off the floor, she can even clean area rugs like a champ.

bObi has three settings. GO!, WAFFLE and JUICE. We use GO! the most often. This setting tells her to clean a wide area and is great for eliminating every trace of pet hair, dander, and debris in my house. WAFFLE gets used for small accidents and other localized messes as they occur in otherwise tidy spaces. And when JUICE setting is active bObi is looking for her charging station to refuel her battery.

bObi is super modern looking and overall fits the aesthetic of our home. Her slim dimensions even allow her to sneak under my couch. She can sweep my whole downstairs in about 35 minutes. Plus she is super quiet.

The only downside to the bObi is that she needs a ton of room to operate. In order for her to find her home base, there can't be any obstructions. Having kids in the house that would love to "play" with bObi means that I had to get creative and find a place that keeps the charging base hidden from little hands, as well as furniture and anything else that could obstruct her pathway back to her home base.

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