Big Boy Room Reveal

So, it happened...  I blinked and my little baby became a little person!  Aside from buying stock in Kleenex to dry all my mama tears, this realization meant Hudson’s nursery was no longer the right fit and we had a task on our hands.  It seems like just yesterday I was sharing Project Nursery and Best Friends for Frosting with all of you and now here we are trying to incorporate the likes and dislikes of our (almost) two year old into a Big Boy Room. Hudson's room is on a weird side of the house that doesn't get the best light, so I apologize for the photo's being kind of dark, but his room is still one of my favorites in the house. It's so calming, I think in part to the color (custom match by Behr) and the monochromatic scheme. All sources will be noted below the photos.

The first hallmark of a bedroom, especially when you have a babe who actually asks to go to sleep when he’s tired (gasp, I know), is of course the bed.  We absolutely swear by Nook Sleep pebble mattresses.  They have been our go to since Day 1 and I fully believe it has a lot to do with why our boys are such good sleepers.  What you may not know is not only do they have crib mattresses but twin size mattresses too, so it’s one of those few things that can grow with your babes.  It’s worth mentioning this room will eventually be shared by both Hudson and Aden (hence the bunk style).  And no bed is complete without Cuddle + Kind and Star Wars dolls, duh.

Teepee / Man Cave Penant / Printed Bunting / Bear Rug / Monochrome Fire Set /  Script Blanket / 'B' pillow / Triangle Printed Pillow / Moon Pillow / Super Hero Doll / Super Hero Print / Frame / Lightening Bolt Shelf (Hobby Lobby) / Dot Wall Decals / Panda Rocker / Stuffed Plush (on Panda) / Super Hero Capes / Cloud Hook (Hobby Lobby) / Curtains / 'Play Nice' Print

I wanted to give the boys a cozy corner for reading, quiet play, or just getting a little space of their own.  Their “man cave” is actually a teepee fort filled with fluffy pillows and comfy carpets.  To store and display their many toys and books we used an organizer with removable canvas bins.  This makes clean up easy for them and conceals messiness which makes mama super happy!

'Roll With It'Print / Frame / Plush Taxi / Wood Stool / Car Rug / Work Bench / 'ABC' print / Frame / Ikea Expedit Shelf / Striped Bins / Wood Blocks & Cars / Mint Paper Boat Lamp / White Star Lamp (Target)

Giant Cloths-pin (Michaels) / World Print Poster (etsy) / 'Yay' Sign / Be Free & Wild Mini Banner / Mint Paper Boat Lamp / Chalkboard Globe (Homegoods) / Felt Ball Garland & Paper Pennants (Hobby Lobby) / Chalkboard Pig (AC Moore)


Tree-printed Sheets / Cloud-printed Sheets / Super Hero Doll / Grid Blanket / Cactus Plush / + printed Pillow / Super Hero Print / Frame / Marque Letter A + H


Tree-printed Sheets / Darth Vadar Plush / Darth Vadar Clock / Geo Blanket / Cactus Rug / Letter 'H' Marque Light / 'Wild World' Pillowcase / Ragamuffin PennantIkea Kura Bunk Bed

The whole room is done in gray, black and white neutral tones that will (I hope) grow with the boys however their tastes change.  For lots of texture and interest we added countless finishing touches including wall art, rugs, a chalkboard wall, and personalized initials over each of their bunks.  The result is a room that feels ready to house all the Big Boy memories our sons will make as they continue to grow up (way too fast) together. 


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    Wow this is awesome! X

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    May I ask what the grey paint is? I don’t see that listed.

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