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Wow! I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last post. We’ve since moved into our new house and I almost forgot how much of an undertaking it is to get each space the way you want it. We’ve been busy the past few weeks just trying to dig our way out of boxes, but I’m happy to report that we’ve only got a few more to go and they’re mainly in the office. It also has been a bit challenging with furniture deliveries consistently being pushed out and trying our best to manage through the clutter until we can finally put things in their rightful spots. The good news is I think our master bedroom is almost complete!

It was important to me that we got our bedroom together because it’s literally become our retreat at the end of these busy days. I want it to be a space where we can come to escape the chaos and relax. Our little oasis that hopefully can be a spot to UNWIND in the midst of parenting four kids with both of us also working from home. That’s why it’s been so important for me that I hooked both of us up with the perfect bedside essentials to not only be functional, but also look elegant and create a cozy + inviting decor element.

The first thing was picking out the right nightstands. I fell in love with this specific style because of the functionality. It has a pull-out bedside tray and two drawers that are in my mind fundamental to creating a serviceable area right beside your bed. You want things like your tv remote or phone charger within reach, but also tucked away and out of sight. Ours was definitely an investment, but I also found some other great nightstand options on Wayfair that are more budget friendly.

Another item that I spent a lot of time deciding on was the table lamp. With such a grande bed like ours, it was important to find a lighting option that was proportionate to the headboard. It’s also a great time to really bring in an amazing design element with the style you choose. I opted for a more totem-like style that played well with the other design elements in the rest of our bedroom. Wayfair has some great lamp options that are also extremely affordable!

Finally, when it comes to decorating the top of your nightstands I like to pull of a simple look that’s a bit sophisticated and timeless. It’s also important to differentiate between HIS and HERS. I chose a few brass framed glass boxes to stack for the nights I forget to remove my jewelry before bed and a framed wedding photo with a small simple geometric vase to visually balance out the heights. (Just a little design trick I’ve learned along the way ) For my husbands side, I went with a marble tray to set the Alexa and his diffuser on. I also pulled in the same small vase to bring symmetry to both bedside tables. Different, but still the same! Of course this is all still a work in progress, but so far it’s been working well for us and I’m happy with how refined and inviting our bedroom looks now. It almost feels like a hotel!


Try some of these tips and add a few of the bedside essentials from Wayfair that I shared today and I promise your space will begin to feel complete. Let me know how it goes in the comments!

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