Modern Baby Registry: Top Must-Haves

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Modern Baby Registry: Top Must-Haves

So, in case you haven't guessed it yet, we love us some babies over here. Like all the time. And although I may not be making one right now, I have two solid pregnancies under my belt and countless tribe-growing friends (including our own queen of Customer Relations, Karen Robertson) that I can safely say I've learned what's important when it comes to making life a little bit smoother on you and the new little one during those first few months together. 

Registries alone can be daunting, but baby ones are well, just insane. There are just SO many products for babies, where do you even begin? Do you really need ALL the things? There's the good, bad, and the down-right useless. Honestly, I've probably tried them all. But, more recently there have been some really fantastic products that I've found that are like the indie superstars of the baby world and I'm just itching to share them with you! 

If I could go back say, three years ago to when I registered for my first pregnancy, I would add each and every one of these to my list. There's this amazing site now called that allows you to register for products from any store and create a registry that is uniquely yours! It's pure genius, really and the best part is it helps to curate the perfect must-have checklist during one of the most anticipated times of your life. All of the items I'm about to share can be added with just one click! Just a warning: it's highly addictive and may give you baby fever... proceed with caution. 

{Be sure to read all the way to the bottom to get the details on how you can win almost everything you see here!}

GET YOUR BOTTOMS COVERED: Parasol Co. Diaper + Wipe Subscription

Parasol Co. is the newest one in the game to diaper subscriptions and they're already killing it with their designer inspired prints and quality product. The wipes are uber strong, although gentle and the diapers could manage an army despite the thin appearance. Did I mention they show up right on your door-step? Win.


If this isn't your first rodeo when it comes to diaper pails, then you know what I mean when I say, I hated wrangling the stinky sausage of diapers when changing these things. Enter, the Ubbi. Not only does it take any size garbage bag (you mean it can use the same bag I use in my kitchen? yes!), it's not plastic which means there's no foul smells escaping and it's super easy to clean. It also comes in a range of colors and prints, and even has some eco-friendly options! A diaper pail that actually does what you need, imagine that. ;)


Every nursery needs a humidifier. Stylish, energy-efficient design uses ultrasonic technology to add soothing moisture to dry air. The Crane USA are they cutest options in the market and are my absolute favorite. They're quiet (a must!), easy to clean, and more effective than anything else I've tried. 

THE ONLY CLUTCH YOU'LL EVER NEED: Logan & Lenora Waterproof Bag

On the go, on the town.  A clutch staple for any mom. The cutest patterns on the outside, and able to handle anything you put inside. Throw in your mom bag, or simply carry on its own. This clutch will keep up with your ever changing day to day. I like to stuff some of my Smarty Pants Prenatals in there for when I'm on the go!

SLEEP LIKE A DREAM: DockaTot "Dock" Bed / Plum & Sparrow Moses Basket

Sleep is important with a baby. Period. The Dockatot is a versatile little contraption that you can carry around the house, travel with or take outside for lounging. It’s a sleeper, lounger, changing pad, tummy time, rester, play-mat and cuddler.  It helps your baby feel more like they are being held than left out in the open. As if it just can't get any better, it fits perfectly into this gorgeous Plum & Sparrow Moses Basket. Grab that precious baby and you're ready to go! 

THE RIGHT KIND OF SNACK: Milky Mama Lactation Treats

When breast-feeding, you have to watch It's sometimes unbearable. Take the sting out of snacking by using it to your baby's advantage. These treats are designed to help increase both breast milk supply and fat content. They're are 100% natural and are healthy for both mommy and baby, not to mention delicious.

"LAP" OF LUXURY: Saranoni Blankets

Saranoni Blankets are hands-down the softest, most luxurious blankets in the history of blankets. From swaddles for baby to adult-sized throws for mom, each and every room should have a Saranoni ready for your nursing sessions if you know what's good for ya.

RE-CREATE THE WOMB: Love to Dream Swaddle Up / GoodNight Light

Love to Dream Swaddles were one of those products that I found on my long arduous,  swaddling journey with both of my babies. My boys were the ninja warriors of kicking and tugging their way out of the most complex swaddles. With Aden, I just gave up. A sleep sack helped us all get back to bed once he was around 6 months old. With Hudson, the Ollieworld was a life-saver from day 1, but once we got to around 8 weeks, my rather large baby could bust his way out of the velcro and I knew I needed something fierce to contain him. That's when I found the SwaddleUp and we almost immediately got back into our typical 7+ hours a night. The SwaddleUp is dang near impossible to escape, by tucking your little ones arms into the wings and zipping up the sleep sack. It's light weight, they even have an eco-friendly version, and fool-proof. They even have a stage 2, which enables you to zip off the sleeves to leave just a tank-top type of sack. I can't say enough good things about this thing and we used ours all the way until 10 months, when we could then transition to a receiving blanket.

Meet the cutest night-light in the market - Goodnight Light. Not only does it come in the most amazing designs (see: pineapple, cactus, and origami boat), but it's made with a led-light which means it never gets hot and never burns out! This is the type of thing your baby will grow with for years to come. 

AU NATURAL ACCESSORIES: Fact & Fiction Wooden Toys / Piper Finn Leather Shoes

Natural wooden teething toys and natural leather (aka. cutest shoes I've ever seen) loafers for the babe are seriously a no-brainer. I don't think I need to continue, they pretty much speak for themselves.

WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED: MilkSnob Multi-use Cover /  Promptly Journals Childhood Book

Two things mom's should never worry about: covering up and covering the memories. With MilkSnob's Multi-use cover, you have a carseat cover, nursing cover, and shopping cart cover all in one handy product. The best part is it actually fits. Ya gotta give it to a product that does what it says! Which leads me to the ultimate baby book, Promptly Journals. Although small, it packs a big punch with pages that take you from pregnancy all the way through to your child's 18th year. It takes the chore of jotting down the memories and makes it more like journaling (hence the name!). And let's not forget about how attractive the cover is. It seamlessly fits on your bookshelf without ever blinking an eye.

MAKING #MOMLIFE EASY: Shop Binxy Cart Sling / Baby Milestone Cards / Oli & Carol Natural Rubber Toys

The Shop Binxy makes going out in public (err..Target) super easy! It's designed to work with both a car-seat or just your baby depending on what you're comfortable with. It goes on the cart fairly easy and it's small enough to fit into your purse without bulking it up.

Baby Milestones Cards are the type of thing I wish were around with my first babe. I spent so much time taking his monthly photos that once he became mobile, I pretty much stopped taking them because I just couldn't find the time. Enter, the most genius cards that are an arsenal of milestones in a box. Just grab your card, lay that baby down, and snap! They're also really freeking cute!

Oli & Carol all natural rubber toys are the best bath toys on the market. They don't have a hole so they don't get grimy and mold (major health concern!). They come in all shapes and sizes, my favorite being the over-sized rubber duck. I can't get enough of them!


Now who wants to win some of these ah-mazing baby products?!

I've partnered with these incredible brands to give one lucky winner a chance to get their hands on my top picks for the modern baby registry! Check back with us tonight at 9pm/EST on Instagram @little_adi_co to enter.

*Update: You can now enter through this direct link 
{Giveaway ends Sept 2, 8pm/est}

This post is made possible by the named companies involved. Thank you for supporting the brands that help us to make bigger & better blog posts coming straight to you! 

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