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Let me tell you one thing about having kids that they didn’t tell you. They – will – ruin – everything. It’s just Murphy’s Law of being a parent. Everything you once kept nice, will now be turned upside down, on it’s head, with peanut butter handprints the size of a toddler plastered all over it like a preschool Mother’s Day project.

I’ve since learned to let some things go when it comes to my OCD-ness about my house, and succumbed to the fact that, look, I have 3 boys whether I like it or not. And boys, above all else, are HARD on things. So I can continue to try and fight it, giving myself unnecessary anxiety and rage, or I can adapt & overcome. So you guessed it, I decided to chose the later.

Photograph via Hipsty Art (Etsy) | Rose Gold Frame c/o Framebridge

Luckily enough, I met the furniture of my dreams with Home Reserve. Home Reserve is the answer to your parental (paw’rents count, too!) prayers with their key features:

  • Changeable / Washable / Stain-Resistant Fabric Covers  (white today, grey tomorrow – no problem!)
  • Changeable layouts (when you get that itch to redecorate, just switch it up and save your $)
  • Built in storage (hide alll yo’ toys!)
  • 10 year warranty (that’s a lifetime with children)
  • Easy UPS shipping (it arrives straight to your door in easy to handle boxes)
  • It literally fits anywhere (like that 900sq apartment you’re in until your house gets built..)
  • Made in the USA!
  • Risk free trials (want to check out the quality? Try it out first before you buy.)
  • Fabric swatches – they offer swatches for $1 each
  • Pet Care fabric choices (which also covers kids making them super family friendly)

The one caveat about being as perfect as Home Reserve, is that you will need to build it yourself. But, before you make that your deal breaker, let me be the first to tell you that this is not at all like that discount Swedish chain home store. Home Reserve provides everything in the most organized fashion and includes visual examples with each step so you can see right there whether you’re doing it correctly. I read customer reviews before I purchased so I was preparing myself for the mess of the build. You do not need to be handy to assemble this! The instructions are very clear, the pieces are numbered, and the process is easy. Also, you will probably get much faster as you move along. By just following the manual step by step, we got them put together in a couple of hours, resulting in a sturdy frame. After we finished, there was some wood particle residue on the floor, but I didn’t have to sand any of the parts and if I did, they even included a pair of gloves and a sanding block in EACH box. Needless to say we accumulated a lot of gloves and sanders.

I found a sectional layout that was exactly what I had in mind and took the most time deciding on a fabric color. I ultimately zeroed in on the Pet Care fabrics, which limited my color choices, but I knew I was after a neutral anyway. We ended up with two color options: the Maltese Silver Grey (couch as photo) and the Retriever Bisque (chair as photo). I have a full set in both, but decided for now, that we’d try to mix and match to have it be a little bit more on trend. If I had to choose between the two, I would say the Retriever line of fabric is much more plush and soft. It has a really nice hand and appears thick & comfortable. The Maltese is nice, but does have more of a starchy hand to it and is almost like a felt. As you can imagine, my boys immediately took to trying to destroy it and the Retriever has really held it’s own as far as cleaning goes. Even though the Bisque color is super light, it wipes clean with just a baby wipe or damp cloth. The Maltese takes a little more elbowing, but does hide a lot more. Both are repel spills like a champ – they bead right off.

Beach Photograph via Hearts in Color (Etsy) | Natural Wood Frame c/o Framebridge |Curtain Panels via Martha & Ash |Blanket Ladder via Amazon

The couch cushions are full and firm. On our old couch, they were so floppy and the filling would start to separate causing lumps. On the HR couch the zippers, the stitching, everything is strong, and very well manufactured. The covers fit on the cushions like a glove. The best part is that each piece has hidden storage, so all of my extra pillows and covers found a new home inside our couch, freeing up my linen closet for better things like toilet paper.

Palm Frond Art via Hearts in Color (Etsy) | White Washed Wood Frame c/o Framebridge

Also, if you happen to love simple and classic pillows that have that soft/airy tones like I do, you pretty much need to run to check out Laurel & Blush. All of Rachel’s covers are so reasonably priced for their outstanding quality. I went with the Antelope Tassel pillow that I paired with these off-white  linen jute trimmed covers from Amazon for, wait for it – $20 for 2. The cognac colored Faux Leather lumbars I used as the accent pillows, which I thought made the perfect transitional pieces for Fall. I also really love the Blush Plaid linen from L&B, but had to contain myself (and my wallet). Go check it out and you’ll see what I mean! Everything is seriously so so gorgeous.

Thanks to Laurel & Blush for providing our pillows!

So back to the couch – it’s the Laney Sectional with one standard ottoman and the Laney Chair and a Half with one modular ottoman. We ultimately used 4 armless sections + 1 left arm + 1 right arm – it ends up being the perfect size for our space and holds so many family and friends. Our old sectional was super bulky and took up a lot of room, but only a few people could sit at one time. I’m so happy with how our Laney turned out and how we can accommodate so many more seats with less. Being able to swap out the fabric covers is pretty much life for me, so I’m looking forward to changing the color-ways as the seasons change. I think once we paint our living room more of a white-base, I’d love to try their faux leather or linen options. Right now though, kids.

Laney Sectional in Maltese Silver Grey | Laney Chair and a Half  in Retriever Bisque | Tri Leg Accent Table (under $50!)

If you have any questions about Home Reserve or their furniture pieces, feel free to reach out to me on email: adrianne@littleadi.com. I’d love to answer anything you may be on the fence about! Above all else, I’m super impressed with their outstanding customer service and the quality of  their product. Those two things go a long way with me and I’m happy to support another made in the USA brand.

I was given product in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

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