A Heartloom Holiday

It's officially that time of year, you guys....
Holiday party season!

And as if the overwhelm of the holidays weren't enough to get your tinsel in a tangle, you now have to find a killer outfit to wear to your work's office party. Once a year you're given the opportunity to look spectacular and step outside of the box (err.. or your cubicle), so let's discuss the perfect formula to get your effortless look on in the most amazing outfit.

Enter, Heartloom. This brand is your one-stop shop for throwing together the perfect look for walking that fine line between festive and professional. Not to mention, every single piece is so dang swoon-worthy! Taking the stress out of shopping, each piece is unbelievably versatile so that you can easily throw them on separately and build onto your M-F wardrobe. 

Heartloom gave me the opportunity to pull a few pieces to throw together a look of my own and I was so excited, that I got right to it!

I chose the Kai Sweater and the Sora Jumpsuit, since alone they're just stunning, but together they scream, "I'm doing this party, right." The jumpsuit is the perfect alternative to the little black dress, especially this time of year. Never-mind the fact that you run the risk of being too flashy when you rock a skirt or dress to this type of event. One less thing to worry about? YES. It's also a piece that can easily be worn all year round, so your next wedding in June? Yep, let's get our money's worth, girls! The intricate lace details on this, bring it from romper to evening attire. It's soft, silky and although it doesn't look it, it feels like you never left your jammies. Be sure to throw on the heels!

The Kai Sweater is my new favorite statement piece. The fur on this is just exquisite, but this sweater can easily be dressed up or down. I love the fur touch for the holiday party and pairing it with the jumpsuit just turns the whole look up a notch. It's super soft and warm so the whole "where do I put my jacket" thing is pretty non-existent. What was I saying about reducing the stress this time of year? I told you I've got you covered.

Now you're ready to shop, well for you this time, instead of the rest of your list!
To learn more about Heartloom and see some other looks for inspiration, check them out below:
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