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I will admit, I hate leaving the house to go shopping. With two boys under two years old, that's like getting served a migraine and three meltdowns on a silver platter. And no matter how fancy that platter is, shopping is not worth it. 

But alas! We are in the year 2016, and services are available for reluctant mothers like myself. I've started to order monthly subscription boxes here and there, mostly for food (and accessories). But sometimes, I order a box because you know what, I simply want new sunglasses or a new candle. Being a stay-at-home mom and a business owner is hard, mamas. But having a box of goodies show up at your doorstep once a month can makes the day's craziness melt away.

So I urge you, mamas: do something for yourself. Try one of the boxes below, just because. You deserve it.


Stitchfix // A box of hand-picked designer clothing items delivered straight to your door once a month. I mean...need I say more?



MommyMailbox // This delivery makes my mama-heart extremely happy. With lots of fun trinkets, inspirational items, and little treats, every mama deserves this box at their doorstep.

Vellabox // This once-a-month candle delivery could not be any better. My home now smells amazing on any given day.


Ditto // I have a very soft spot in my heart for sunglasses of all kinds. So what better way to wear #alltheshades than a pair shipped to your door every month?! Yes, that is my kind of happy mail!


Harry's // For that scruffy man in your life, give him the gift of a good shave. They'll mail you your next box based on your personal shaving schedule, so your significant other isn't up to their knees in shaving cream and razors. 


Plated // From your doorstep to your belly, it doesn't get any easier than this. Super simple and oh so delicious, Plated makes it easy to have a home-cooked meal in record time.

Rocksbox // Whether you're running errands or going out for drinks, Rocksbox keeps you looking like Beyonce, without spending like Beyonce. 


Ipsy // Looking for some new beauty products, but not ready to take the plunge? Try out samples of the latest cosmetics with Ipsy monthy boxes. #winwin



WeeNation // Allll the heart eyes for the WeeNation goodies for your babes. They jam-pack their boxes filled with products from some amazing small businesses. This one is dangerously good, mamas. 

Trunk Club // Does your man need a little wardrobe refresher? The miracle workes over at Trunk Club hand-select pieces that you and your man are sure to love.



Treat yo'self!



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