Dressing for Two


We've all been there...getting ready to go run errands or finally getting out for a date night with your significant other...and nothing fits...because you're pregnant. I definitely do not miss those days of trying to fit into my "cute" clothes, without having to wear my husband's oxford shirts everywhere. But these days, wearing maternity clothing doesn't have to mean frump and giving up the trends. I've found some amazing new brands that #killit at the Maternity game. And it almost makes the non-preggers (ahem, me) wish they had a belly. 

ASOS dresses // Angel Sleeve Maxi 

The maternity dress from ASOS are anything but frumpy or typical "maternity". They exude femininity and fun, while still offering plenty of room for your growing bump. I mean...I'm not even preggers and I want to purchase this dress! Hands down best maternity dresses on the market.


Hatch everyday basics // The Crew Tee

Every woman should own the basic day-to-day layering pieces, whether she's pregnant or not. And Hatch offers amazingly simple and chic maternity pieces that cover all the right places and are comfy as anything. So whether you're looking for that classic white tee or black legging to match  everything in your closet, Hatch is your go-to shop for those staple wardrobe pieces.



Blanqi supportwear // BODYSTYLER Maternity Bell Support Tank Top

Praised by ladies such as Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Molly Sims, the Blanqi supportwear is outta control awesome. Whether you're looking for belly support, back support, or a mix of the two, anything from this company is a win in my book.



Topshop structured shirts // Arrow Print Shirt

I can't say enough about Topshop's tops. Whether you're working in the business world, or heading out for a weekend of family fun, these shirts are a perfect way to elevate any outfit. They also offer some adorable sweaters and blazers, making them the perfect excuse to get dressed up!


H&M "Over-the-Bump" pants // MAMA Boyfriend Jeans

Many companies offer maternity jeans, but with the top of the waist below your baby bump. Fortunate for us,H&M offers such an amazing variety of over-the-bump jeans! Hellooo, sitting without your undergarments being exposed. The waist of the jeans rises to right below the bust, offering amazing coverage. Not to mention, the styles and washes of the jeans are incredible as well. 



Cake Maternity nursing bras // Lotus Yoga and Pumping Bra

Cake offers a awesome selection and variety of nursing, pumping, and athletic bras for the mama-to-be. The comfort level is A+, and the designs and colors are so cute! Just because you're pregnant or nursing doesn't mean you can't feel beautiful while doing it.






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