New Gadgets for New Moms

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Living that new mama life ain't easy. You get approximately zero hours of sleep, you can no longer smell smells due to the amount of dirty diapers you've changed in the last 3 hours, and your hair becomes a nest for spit up, rice cereal, and oh look, a baby bird!

But you know what makes mama life a little easier? Gadgets and gizmos, designed for parents of babes. My husband and I are gadget fans--anything cool and innovative that will make our jobs as parents a little less...chaotic. So I've rounded up some of the best new items that can hopefully give you a few extra minutes of rest or, wait for it.... even a shower.

HatchBaby Smart Changing Pad // The ultimate changing pad! This beauty tracks your baby's feedings, diaper changes, weight/height, and sleep schedule right from your smartphone.

HALO Swivel Sleeper // This bassinet swivels 360 degrees, so you're able to access your little one easier. It fits snug against you bed, and offers a night light, timer, and soothing music.



// An genius swaddle that offers comfy moisture-wicking fabric,Velcro tabs so the blanket stays put, as well as a bottom opening for easy changing!
DockATot Deluxe Dock // The perfect spot for your baby to sleep, lounge, and play! With soft side panels, it allows the baby to be safe and secure without any buckles or belts.

Kiinde Twist Breastfeeding Kit // The perfect kit to make pumping and feeding a breeze. It includes organizational storage, a milk re-heating system, and pouches that are able to snap into bottles for easy feedings!



4moms mamaRoo

// This awesome seat emulates the movement of a parent, for a more natural approach to soothing a fussy baby. The mamaRoo also includes a built in MP3 jack and Bluetooth enabled for playing music and sounds for you and your little one.

Tubby Tod Bath Co. BASICS Bundle // Made from 100% plant based ingredients, these soaps, washes and creams are gentle enough for newborns, and effective enough to scrub away even the toughest 3-year-old boy dirt.




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