Beach Bum(mies)

I am having some serious summer nostalgia right now. As I look back through my customer photos of their babes in Bummies™ on the beach, I can't help but dream of sand between my toes, sun shining on my back, and a marg in my hand. I've rounded up a few beaches where my mind has been wandering the past few days, in the hopes that it'll take away my longing for the beach with my babes! So far, no such luck.


Tulum, Mexico: The Ultimate Beach. So close to my heart and filled with so many sweet, sweet memories. Beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets, and oh yeah, my hubby and I got married here.
















South Beach, Florida: The Fun Beach. So much to do, so many people to people-watch, so much amazing culture and food to embrace. And the most beautiful, clear waters in Florida.

Outer Banks, North Carolina: The Quiet Beach. You could be on the beach all day and only see a handful of other families. Total peace and quiet. Sign me up!

Deerfield Beach, Florida: The Family Beach. Another beach close to heart, this is where my Operations Assistant, Kylie, grew up. She swears by this particular beach, the awesome pier to stroll on, and the beach-side restaurant with killer mojitos. But I'm sure she's not biased.

Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas: The Tropical Beach. Want your hair braided into cornrows? Or drink out of a coconut? Or better yet, get sunburned in .2 seconds? (ugh, speaking from experience ha!) Well you can do all this and then some, while soaking in the beautiful sights and getting your shop on.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts: The Unexpected Beach. Not where you would think for a tropical vacation, but so, so worth it if you get the chance to visit. Think New England charm + serene beaches + the occasional whale (not kidding!).


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