Oh Baby, Baby

When I get the call that one of my friends is expecting a baby, I get extremely giddy for two reasons. One, because babies are just the cutest things ever, and anyone who gets to experience the joy of being a parent is blessed. And two, because I now get to shop for said baby. Which is better? The jury is still out on that one.

When shopping for mama and baby, I love giving gifts that aren't necessarily expected, but are useful, and ahem, extremely adorable. There are only so many times I can buy diapers, bottles, and burp cloths. Ya know what I mean??

So I head over to one of the many mama & baby companies that I regularly stalk on Instagram, and have myself a field day. Either freeze your credit card in an ice block, or whip it out right now, because my list of favorite baby shower gifts is hard to resist.




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  • Amie on

    ahhh!!! Love this! Thanks for including us :)

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