New Year, New Office


Rug: Vega Moroccan Diamond Wool Rug
Chairs: White Ethan Desk Chair
Desks: Josephine Desk in White

Pillow: Lappljung Rutta Cushion Cover
Keyboard Skin: Amazon
Lamp: Ranarp Work Lamp
Flowers: Homegoods

Picture Ledge: Home Depot
Bookcase: RE from Target
Bookcase Lining: Chasing Paper - Speckle
Baskets: TJMaxx

As I sat among the mass amount of boxes, packaging tape, bags, shipping labels and assorted Little Adi + Co clothing items after the madness that was Black Friday, I came to the realization that I needed a bigger office. Like ten times bigger. Why? Because I was (figuratively) drowning in my surroundings. And then, I had a second realization...Yeahhhh, all the other rooms in the house are occupied, so my current office space was as good as it was going to get.

"Do You" Pillow: Society 6
Speckled Dot Pillow: Box of Chic
Lamp: Ranarp Floor Lamp
Blanket: Reversible Cross Blanket

Eames Chair: Hobby Lobby 
Sewing Table: Ikea

And after a third and final realization, I knew that a few strategic movements (think real life Tetris), a fabulous new couch, and a smattering of new decor pieces could give the space a little boost it needed! My new office feels brighter, cozier, and way more functional than before. It's official, my office and I are ready to take on 2016, and I hope you come along for the ride!

Couch: 9 by Novogratz
Lion Print: Sunny Leo Print by Robert Farkas
Cloud Hooks: Hobby Lobby

Prints: vary from Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, UhOh Pasghettio, and YellowHeartArt
Hanging Calendar: LiveLoveStudio Calendar Cards
Hanging Line: Dignitet Curtain Wire
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  • Tara A Cannizzo on

    Looks amazing, I love it!

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