'Tis the Season

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'Tis the season of gift giving!

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I pride myself in my gift-giving abilities. Yeah, it's a weird thing to be prideful about, but I am, okay? I love finding that perfect gift for my loved one, and knowing that they'll find joy in what I am able to provide for them.

But when it comes to non-traditional gift-giving, well, that's a different story. When my family, friends and I participate in our annual White Elephant and Secret Santa gift exchanges, I go into a slight panic. How will I find a gift that's gender-neutral, crowd-pleasing, AND moderately priced?! My gift-giving abilities are specific to the person I'm gifting to! Not to be enjoyed by a random member of my family!

....do you see my dilemma?

This year, I've decided to not panic, spend countless hours (okay, just two hours) researching awesome gifts that could be enjoyed by a wide range of my family and friends, and stock up like there is no tomorrow! And of course, all these products are made by some fabulous small businesses, because I  will #shopsmall, forever and ever, amen. 


Wine // Fete Today Winery // The story of this company is almost as yummy as their wine. Cheers! 

Home Decor // Rustic Wooden Decor // Completely customizable signs that'll look great in any house...even your cousin's outlandish Harley Davidson kitchen decor

Coffee Mugs // Elm St. Studio Prints // Their sayings and prints are hilarious, and sure to put a smile on even your grumpiest relative's face

Candles // Downtown Candle Co. // Some of the BEST smelling, all-natural candles around, and they have approximately 30495843 scents to choose from

Caramels // Firefly Confections // Melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Enough said.




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