This Little Bag of Mine


This little bag of mineee, I'm gonna let it shineee.

The Gabrielle bag by Charlotte + Asher literally has me singing this tune. It's the perfect mix of functionality and sophistication, modern and classic, kid-proof and mom-approved.
And the kicker...? It's a diaper bag. *drops mic and struts off stage*
The bag is made of 100% vegan leather, has the storage capacity of a small house, is water-resistant, holds a changing pad in a super secret compartment, and is KICK PROOF. Because what child has not had the urge to give their mom's purse a good kick at least once in their lifetime?

Basically, this bag is heaven on earth, and I honestly don't know what I'd do without mine. Grab yours today at the Charlotte + Asher website. And then you can sing along with me. And you can thank me later. 

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