I Ate Brooklyn.

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Photo by Kristin Martinak
I firmly believe that the only way to really get to know and understand a city, you must immerse yourself in their food. Ahem, not literally. So much of a city's culture is grounded in their culinary creations, and it's a great way to absorb the city's vibe (and do some serious people watching).
When my friends and I took a recent trip to Brooklyn, we decided to see how many different eateries, bakeries, and restaurants we could visit in a day. And since my very wonderful boss, Adrianne, used to call Brooklyn home, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to bombard her with questions about food to eat and drinks to...drink. And so, from the moment we hit the pavement on a bright and sunny Brooklyn morning, the quest began...
Giovanni's Brooklyn Eats
Ladybird Bakery
Since I've never brunched (yes, I'm using it as a verb) before, it was only appropriate that I go! And let me tell you, Giovanni's did not disappoint! And after brunch left us in a food coma, we rolled over to Ladybird Bakery for iced coffee to revive us (and I may or may not have purchased a fabulous mixed berry muffin as well).
And if you don't ride the subway at least once...you're doing it wrong.
Brooklyn Brewery
Fornino: Bedford Avenue
My friends and I consider ourselves beer aficionados, so a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery was a necessity. After a tour of the brewery, we sampled some of their tasty beers and chatted with some of the locals about the best places for dinner. We landed at Fornino, an adorable pizza spot (sit outside!!!) where we had some of the best brick oven pizza on the planet. Side note, I didn't snag a photo of the pizza because somehow it was gone in 60 seconds. So this cool chandler will have to suffice.
230 Fifth (Manhattan)


Northern Territory (Brooklyn)
And to top of our whirlwind day, we visited not one, but two rooftop establishments to soak up the skyline of the gorgeous city of Manhattan. Both places have breathtaking views of the city, a lively atmosphere, and delicious food & drinks.Side note, if you are a man or visit 230 Fifth with a man, please tell them to wear pants. Our friends learned the hard way that shorts = no admission.

And that, my friends, is how I ate Brooklyn.

{Photos via @ky.bean on Instagram}






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